Magnificent Mile Light Festival: The only festival that is worth your time

Magnificent Mile Light Festival: The only festival that is worth your time

By Guadalupe Landa ’20

The Magnificent Mile Lights Festival is a family event that took place on Nov. 17. The festival happens every year in Chicago to celebrate the beginning of the Christmas holiday. The festival contains different activities for everyone, an amazing parade, and an extraordinary firework show.

The festival got kicked off by booths of activities set up around the area of where the parade will start. From face painting by the BMO Harris Bank and AT&T booth to getting free prizes or treats from Chicago Fire, T-Mobile, Garrett’s Popcorn, Frango, The Blue Buffalo Company, and The Eli’s Cheesecake Company. Kids could have gotten their face painted while adults could have played games to win prizes! Everyone was enjoying every booth! I love how most people get to go home with something in their hands whether it’s snacks or prizes. I certainly went home with popcorn from Garrett’s Popcorn.

Speaking about how incredible the Magnificent Mile Light Festival kicked off, not only were the activity booths fantastic but also the parade! The parade first started with Mickey and Minnie counting down to turn on all the Christmas lights in downtown. Once the lights turned on, everyone was excited and happy. In the parade, there were different floats from AT&T,  BMO Harris Bank, Disney, 93.9 LITE-FM, Brookfield Zoo, and more. Many floats included celebrities like Alex Aiono, Cailee Rae, Louis York, and more. Every float was unique because some contained helium- filled balloons, fake snow, people dancing, Djs, and more. I enjoyed every float! There was nothing that did not make the floaties each special. For the grand finally, Santa Claus came with his sled and reindeers! Everyone was waving, smiling, and excited to see Santa Claus! I know I was!

After the parade, the festival ended with a marvelous firework show. The fireworks all varied different from the colors to how each one formed. I thought that adding the colors red and green at the end was fantastic! It gives the audience a sort of excitement for Christmas! Ending the festival with fireworks was the best way to end the night.

The festival happens every year and people will say that it is boring because it’s the same thing every year; however, I think that every year there is something new whether its floats or special appearances. I would totally recommend this because it is a great way to get in the Christmas spirit and have a fun time with family or friends.

  • Location: Michigan Avenue
  • Time: 11 p.m.- 7 p.m.
  • Theme: Christmas