Maggie Rogers: Ready to “Give a Little” to her listeners

Picture of one of Maggie Roger's single: "Fallingwater." Photo Credit: Adamaris Reyes

By Adamaris Reyes ’19

It’s been a year since singer and songwriter Maggie Rogers released her album, “Now That the Light is Fading”; since then she has artistically and meaningfully created two new songs, in which both  have become popular to her audience. She brings rhythm, meaning, and originality to her news songs: “Give a Little” and “Falling Water.”

One of the nice things about Rogers’ new songs is how universal they are. What do I mean? Well, whether it’s fall or summer, a gloomy day or an uplifting day, her songs will always wanna keep you dancing.  The rhythm of “Give a Little” is so upbeat and mellow at the same time, and not to mention the different sound elements in the background that make everything come together perfectly.

When the song is all done and over with, “Falling Water” comes next and right away. The song hits you with the sound of loud drums, but the powerful vibrations then turn into an upbeat tone coming from a piano. As the song progresses, Rogers’s uses her strong and beautiful voice to bring the whole song together; and as she does that you can’t help but wanna sing along with her and turn the volume up.

Despite how uplifting  and original her new songs are, they actually contain a strong meaning. For example, “Give a Little” was actually “inspired in part by the national school walk out for gun control” As Rogers’s had expressed on social media, “This is a song about empathy. In the midst of all this fear and hate, what if we got the chance to re-introduce ourselves? What if somebody listened?” There is no doubt that her fans are for sure listening to her song and loving its overall meaning and the clear message it tries to send.  

Moving over to her  other hit song “Fallingwater,” Rogers commented on the day of the song’s release that “the  song celebrates rapid change and how simultaneously scary and electric it can feel.” Her comment about the song actually makes sense, how? Well, when you first listen to the song, you have all these different beats and rhythms that get to you as the song progresses.  The song starts strong, then it slowly turns into a soft melody, and all of a sudden the strong beats come back again. It is indeed a unique song! While the song’s meaning can’t be compared to “Give a little”, it surely does allow listeners and fans to experience what sudden change feels like and sounds like in the form of a song.

Overall, it’s exciting to think that after a few months Rogers’s came  back with two new hits and meaningful songs that will certainly make you  wanna dance all year round. But then again, you can’t expect anything less from an artist like Rogers’s , because with every song that she creates there is always a purpose or story that makes her song unique. Of course you should not take my word for it, instead you should listen for yourself and come up with your own conclusions. So whether you find yourself doing homework, chores, or just hanging around, Rogers’s new songs are perfect for any occasion.

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