“Made in Mexico”: A cringe worthy series to watch

The homescreen of Made In Mexico on Netflix Photo Credit: Atziri Tapia

By Atziri Tapia ’19

Have you ever seen the TV show “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills”? Well, let me tell you there is a Mexican version of superficial and rich Mexicans in a new show called “Made in Mexico”. With its over dramatic drama, its variety of cast members, and social issues message is what keeps you entertained in watching this show.

“Made in Mexico” is a Netflix original series that premiered on Sep. 28. Its description of the show consists of “These Mexico City socialites may lead opulent lives, but a peek behind the curtain reveals a tangled web of intrigue, envy and personal struggles” stated by the official Netflix website. It has one season with eight episodes.

Instantly, on the first episode, there was already drama. Kitzia Mitre was hosting her son’s baptism and her brother-in-law Roby Checa was making a scene in front of the guests. With his drunken self, he was annoying Columba Diaz and was embarrassing Mitre. Not only that, but he had the audacity to ride a bull and his actions worried his mother. Not going to lie this part of the episode was hilarious to watch, but I did not like how I had to wait until the end of the episode to get some entertainment. Checa is not the only one that gives drama to the show, Hanna Jaff is one that makes up her drama or that is what other cast members say about her. They accuse her of scripting her own stuff and having writers behind the scenes in order to be kept for the second season. Jaff even went to the extreme by wanting to have a fake relationship with Checa for the show. This creates a dilemma by splitting the rest of the cast members because Checa tells the rest of the crew about what Jaff wants to do with him. This causes the crew to either be in Checas or Jaff’s side since Jaff does not want to admit it and accuses Checa of being a lier. However, I think any reality TV show is scripted so I do not mind what Jaff is doing because either way, it creates drama.

This series consists of people who are having their own personal struggles, such as Shanik Aspe who is trying to pursue into her singing career. Checa who struggles with alcoholism and not being able to see his kid, and Chantal Trujillo who is worried she is not with the right person because she has not been proposed yet. Yes, all of these are struggles one can have but I did not like how the show made them look like they were really struggling when they are wealthy people and are not even big issues.

“Made in Mexico” has a message: Mexico also has great people in their country, which is  referred on the first episode. However, the show could have shown the ‘real’ people that are struggling from poverty or other reasons and are still good and hard working people.

There are critics that say that the program only shows light skin Mexicans in the series. I do agree with this but like in any reality TV the cast members are mostly white. I would only recommend this show if you are really into fake drama.

  • On Netflix
  • 51 minutes
  • Spanish-language
  • Reality TV