Love U.S. History? Check this teacher out!

Love U.S. History? Check this teacher out!

By Angel Olanda ’17

As some may know, Pritzker has been accepting some new teachers this year. Focusing on one for this particular article, she is known to be a dedicated and fun-humored teacher, she is Courtney Farrell Brouse.

Brouse is in charge of teaching the junior class the history of the United States. She stated that teaching at Pritzker has been a pleasure so far and that she “loves the students here.” Brouse also mentioned that working with her colleagues has been easy since she finds the staff here very nice and welcoming.

Many have noticed the different strategies Brouse uses to teach, and Junior Saray Landa stated that she likes that Brouse explains history in depth and is always “full of energy” as she teaches.

Besides her working with juniors at Pritzker, Brouse has taught different grade levels in different places before. To teaching first graders in Washington D.C , to working with seventh graders as well.

Some other interesting facts about Brouse is that she loves to travel. Brouse mentioned that she has lived in Spain before, which has helped her with her Spanish speaking skills. She has also traveled to Hawaii to join a marathon that was fighting against pancreatic cancer.

As a person who has traveled a lot and even won a radio contest before, Brouse considers herself a very lucky person. She said that becoming part of the Pritzker community has become one of her very lucky moments as she has not seen no other school function like Pritzker does. The final words from Brouse were as follows, “I love meeting new people, so stop by my classroom and say hello! My door is always open (not literally because then the greeter won’t get to do their job) :).”