Longman and Eagle: A restaurant with a delicious hamburger flavor

This is the entrance of Longman and Eagle. Photo Credit: Jacqueline Martinez

By Jacqueline Martinez ’20

Longman and Eagle is a restaurant that is located in 2657 N. Kedzie Ave. It is a restaurant with friendly service, amazing food, and astonishing decor.

As you walk into the restaurant, an employee is ready to take people’s name and the number of people accompanying you. The lights are set low and music is playing in the background while you can still hear people talking and laughing.

When I went to the restaurant, it was busy. Despite this, the employees were still able to keep a smile on there face and constantly check up to see if anything was needed. Not only did the employes have a smile on their faces, but they were able to make conversations with their guest and have a good laugh.

As for the food, the Slagel Family Farms Burger had a consistent taste. You also have the option of adding an egg to the burger that already includes Aged Widmer’s cheddar, north country bacon, and a housemade sesame seed bun. The burger also included fries that were delicious.

The food and the service emitted a comfortable feeling. The restaurant had a mix of old and modern. They had signs that were old fashioned; for example, the ceiling was modern and there were brick walls. The ceiling had really nice lighting.

A satisfied guest expressed, “The food was excellent. The service was exceptional. Our server (Josh) was very friendly, patient with and attentive to our table. Great experience. Highly recommend.” I agree because the food and the service were excellent and recommend the restaurant to people who would like to try new things.

  • Open from 9 am to 2 am every day
  • Address: 2657 N. Kedzie Ave
  • Prices are from $3-34
  • Phone number: 773-276-7110