“LM5”: Uplifting and vibrant music

LM5 Little Mix new album. Photo Credit: Grecia Avila

“By Grecia Avila ’20

“LM5” is an album created by the british girl band Little Mix and was released on Nov. 16. The band members consist of vocalists Jesy Nelson, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Jade Thirlwall, and Perrie Edwards. This 18 track album was the band’s comeback from their previous album Glory Days, which was released in 2016.

This new album demonstrates a variety  of new energy and emotions. The band’s new album shows a connection with the band’s previous album Glory days. The album displays an idea of love, sisterhood, and a increase  of identity within the group. This idea is portrayed through confident women, self love, an appreciation for yourself and your own life. The band’s lyrics and music contains deep meaning, which influences their music performance and increases their music composition.

In the album, the band collaborates with several artists like Nicki Minaj, Sharaya J, and Cheat Codes. With the addition of these popular artists, they were able to release great new music with a whole new vivid, bold view by adding different beats and new sounds to produce more dynamic music.

The songs within the album contain genres including R&B, Pop, Reggaeton, Electropop, and Hip hop. Each song in the album shows different meanings. One of the songs, “The National Manthem”, demonstrates the girls using a acapella tone with no beats and only harmonizing. The song opens up about women and an expression towards feminism. Other songs on the track like “Woman Like Me” and “Strip” include a mixture of electro pop and reggae that create an uplifting vibe. Both songs also send a message to women and young girls about independence and about being confident and comfortable with themselves and their bodies. These songs also contain strong and fun tunes that make you want to dance.

The Band has had four U.K. No.1 singles and four U.K. platinum-selling albums. In 2016’s Glory Days, was the longest-reigning No. 1 album by a female group. LM5, like most of the albums created by the band, was able to reach high ranks.

I would highly recommend this album to anyone that loves Pop and R&B, as well as those who are huge Little Mix fans. I enjoyed this album, but there were one or two songs I didn’t like as much but would still recommend it. Some don’t agree with the track list of the album because of its meaning and lyrics. People were able to express there disagreements and negative thoughts about the album on apps and websites like Reddit, Youtube. I think this album was a whole new perspective that was brought on by the band to make their audience open minded and also to express feelings and thoughts that their fans and audiences can relate to.

  • LM5 is also available to you on iTunes, Spotify, and Youtube.
  • Release Date: Nov.9
  • Genre: Alternative/Indie
  • Songs: 15