“Living Undocumented”: A look into life as an Undocumented Immigrant

“Living Undocumented”: A look into life as an Undocumented Immigrant

By Carina Lopez ’20

Netflix recently came out with a new controversial original series, “Living Undocumented,” which details the every day life of eight undocumented families. The new series is well directed, has a gut-wrenching plot, with eye-opening stories. 

It is an eye-opening, heart-wrenching, and suspense-filled six part documentary, which tells the story of the threat that undocumented immigrants face on an everyday basis. That threat being ICE, and the threat of family members being taken away and brought back to their birth countries. 


From the beginning, we become aware of the gut-wrenching plot, with an opening shot that stars a little boy holding his father’s hand saying, “I want you to imagine waking up one morning, and your father is just gone.” 

We come face to face with the reality that children with immigrant parents have to face everyday. 

The real-life stories like Luis’, in which his girlfriend is scheduled to be deported back to her home country, Honduras. Or the story a marine’s wife, in which her life is under threat in her country, Mexico, due to new policies implemented by Trump’s administration, she was deported. With these eye-opening stories that, in my opinion, humanize undocumented immigrants giving us a never before seen reality.

It was how these episodes are that captivated me. Through these real-life stories and suspense, I am kept at the edge of my seat waiting to see what’s next. Even so, I would keep watching because it hits so close to home. 

Skip or watch?

Again this is a very controversial docu-series, which divulges in an ongoing controversial issue: immigration and ongoing social-political issues. However, it is definitely worth the watch because I know that many of us are very close to the issue. And to have someone represent part of our story, with real people who actually look like us, is amazing. Especially since someone with a big rep made the docu-series. 


This series was co-produced by Selena Gomez, who has a history of being part of many controversial series like seen with her other show “13 reasons why.” Many have an issue with Gomez being involved because she does not often acknowledge that she is part Mexican. With many believing, she just brings it when it’s convenient. I agree with this critic and would’ve preferred for her not to be involved. But she did help bring more light into this issue. 

I would recommend the series, and rewatch for sure, as it is definitely worth the almost plus three hours. The representation of our story makes the sadness worthwhile. 

  • Netflix
  • TV-MA
  • Avg of 45 mins per episode
  • 1 Season 6 episodes