Living the dorm life

By Jaime Aguilar ’21

     In college, there are plenty of living areas for students to be in. College students can stay at home. If possible, they could stay in an apartment, fraternity or even in a dorm room.

Ezequiel Gomez who was part of the 2018 graduating class mentioned that his first day of living in a dorm room was “nerve-wracking” because he did not really know anyone. He also mentioned that he was busy the whole day because there were instructions to follow.

Eder Delgado who was part of the 2018 graduating class said, “I feel like I had a very smooth transition as I’m used to sharing a room with my brother back home. There wasn’t anything major I had to really go through.”

As for Gomez’s transition, he said, “It was not difficult for me to get accustomed to the new dorm, but it was pretty weird. I had lots of new responsibilities and only I could hold myself accountable for them, that was the hardest part of the transition.”

When living in dorm rooms, people typically tend to have roommates. This could be a downside for some, but for others, it could be a excellent experience for them.

Gomez states, “I have a roommate and five suitemates. We made rules during the first week and became friends afterward, we do our own things and try to not bother each other when we are busy with work.”

As for Delgado, he said, “I have a roommate named Michael and he’s honestly not that bad. We make sure to respect each other’s space and are always considerate when dealing with issues that rise.”

Both Gomez and Delgado have mentioned that there are pros and cons when living in a dorm room.

Delgado said, “Some pros are being able to live on campus. It’s easy to develop friendships, and you get to live with those friends you make.”

Gomez said, “I would say that some of the pros of living in a dorm are the fun people you meet, the resources available, and the freedom. You have lots of fun in dorms and hanging out with friends that are close-by. They can also help with tricky work, so they are a good resource.”

As for cons, they both have mentioned that there is a lack of personal space and privacy when living in dorm rooms.

Since Gomez and Delgado are both freshmen in college, they have experienced dorm rooms for some months now, but their experiences with them have been positive.

Delgado said, “I feel like living in a dorm is definitely an experience that i’m going to be able to go back and say I’m glad I had. I definitely feel great about having this opportunity to learn to adapt and grow.”

Gomez said something similar, he said, “I feel like dorms are very fun places and that everyone should live in one for at least a whole year to experience the sense of community it builds.”