Lingering in Cafes

John Seed, known as the Father, preaching to his followers. Photo Credit: Chloee Toro

By Miguel Diaz ’17

Because more people go to cafes to work on their studies or to drink a cup of coffee, there is an increasing amount of people who are spending longer sessions in those cafes. But, as long the people are buying items from the cafes and not taking up space, they should stay there as long as they need to.

Cafes are comfortable to seat that people do want to stay in them for a longer time . As Lisa McComb, a spokeswoman for McDonald’s, said to the New York Times, “We’re pleased many of our customers view us as a comfortable place to spend time.” However, cafes can only hold so much that space should be available whenever possible. But, people that stay by themselves long periods of time should not take up these spaces. A report from the Telegraph article stated, “[People] use the devices they have at hand and place them all on the tabletop and chairs surrounding them. This effectively barricades against others looking for a place to sit down and relax.” These types of actions can cause less seat to be available for group gathers to sit down and eat.

Many coffee companies, like McDonald’s and Starbucks, offer free Wi-Fi to their customers. Naturally, this cause people bring their laptops and stay even longer to use the offering. This might worry for some because the likelihood of people buying only a few or no items. But, Thomas Wehmeier, principal telecoms analyst at Informa, said to the Guardian, “The hotspots themselves still generate revenue using alternative business models, such as by increasing footfall/customer numbers, keeping customers in-store longer, increasing customer satisfaction, location-based advertising, and so on.”

Some may say these lingers will only come to use the Wi-Fi and not buy anything. However, some store owners that notice these type of people will warn, or even kick, them so that the problem won’t occur again. Keeping track of whenever a person should stay or not can help the business keep people that is really helping the business run properly.

People that stay in long periods of time don’t harm the business that other people might think. They show status of loyal customers that just want to have a coffee and stay to do other things while drinking that coffee. As long they don’t take up space or buy something, they are entitled  to stay as long as they want.