LifeStyle Expectations

By Zayalize Garcia ‘17

  There are many different views and types of lifestyles. The major known type of lifestyle is cut down into six phrases.

  Childhood expectations. You will have many friends and have playdates. In reality “Play has always been and will always be necessary for children” stated familywellness. Even if you only stay at home or are by yourself, you  find ways to play. Also your guardian(s) will take you out to the park, the zoo, or the arcade.

Elementary school expectations. You will start your schooling and go on field trips. In reality students only go on a max of four field trips. “Students have […] visit a variety of cultural institutions” explained  educationnext. Once in a while your guardian(s) will take you out to the park, the zoo, or the arcade.

     Middle school expectations. You will start to mature and go through puberty. You now develop close or best friends. You get recess. As explained by familywellness, children, especially when hyperactive, use recess to blow off steam. You will start to learn about society and basic manners. You start to gain more knowledge as you encounter new experiences.

     High school expectations. You are mature and grown up. You begin to experience Homecoming and dances. You’re more involved with school and activities such as going to games and joining clubs. You grow in your social life by going to the movies, the park, and restaurants with friends..

     Young adult expectation. You’re off to college, the military, or work. You save money–or learn to. You travel around both in and out of the country. You go out to enjoy yourself; maybe you go out to dance or have a drink with friends. Then after all is said and done, you start thinking it’s time to settle down.

     Middle age expectations.  You have a satisfying job. You live in an pleasant home. You find your lifelong partner. You decide to marry. You begin to have kids. In reality older 20’s to 35 years old is the ideal years for childbearing according to theguardian. You meet up with friends once in a while. There are pictures on the walls of past and recent memories.

Wise One expectations. Countless hardships have been overcome. You are mature and experienced. Your lifelong partner  has been with you for numerous extensive years. Your children are no longer children. You start to spend more time with making as many memories as possible and bond with your grandchildren. You’re still outgoing as ever, but now you like to sit back and relax and enjoy some peaceful quiet time. You have lived a wonderful life.