“Let It Snow”: A Pre-Christmas romance

"Let it Snow" information/home screen on Netflix.

By George Quinonez ’21

“Let it Snow” was an anticipated Netflix Original pre-Christmas romance based on the young adult novel written by John Green, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle. With a fantastic plot, interesting character development, and reasonable soundtrack, “Let it Snow” does not fail to bring in the Christmas spirit for the holiday season. 


On what should have been a normal Christmas Eve, a snowstorm hits a small Midwestern town in Laurel, Illinois. Keon (Jacob Batalon) originally planned to have a party at his house because his family was leaving for vacation; however, plans change. Keon’s best friend Tobin (Mitchell Hope) plans to spend Christmas Eve with a childhood friend Angie (Kiernan Shipka), in the hope to tell her his true feelings for her. Julie Reyes (Isabela Merced) is in search of a toy elf, but she is out of luck since the toy is out of stock. Heading back home, she runs into rising pop star Stuart Bale (Shameik Moore), and things start to kick-off between them. Dorrie (Liv Hewson), who is also a worker at Waffle town, meets this girl she spent one night with who she really couldn’t get her mind off. Dorrie is faced with a challenge of revealing to her how she truly feels. Soon everything comes together at Keon’s party at Waffle Town. 


With a group of young adults experiencing this once in a lifetime Christmas Eve, each one comes across an obstacle in their life: whether it be family issues, fame, adolescence, etc. The plot manages to improve throughout the movie, it never leaves you with questions to ask and it makes crave for more. The plot does its best to show the coming of age while using the Christmas spirit as a catalyst. The plot never feels cramped throughout the movie. 

Character Development

Throughout the movie, there are two major relationships that are just bound to happen. Julie and Stuart’s connection may seem very off at the start, but after spending the entire Christmas Eve together that changes. We are able to see this power couple emerge through the ranks. Each of them, Julie and Stuart, growing as an individual that’s been hiding in their shadows for a very long time. Meanwhile, Tobin and Angie face the problem of a boy named JP (Matthey Noszka). Tobin struggles to tell Angie that he likes her because he is afraid of the reply he will receive. Keon, on the other hand, strives for his party at Waffle Town to become a hit. Character development is so phenomenal in this movie and leaves you craving for more. 


When watching the movie there are some positives while listening to the soundtrack. However, the soundtrack is not something that is very memorable and lacks to fit the mood of the movie at some points. It almost seems as if the music isn’t really there. Usually, the music keeps the viewers content, but there aren’t any songs to really help the movie reach its full potential. 


While some may say “Let it Snow” may seem like a very overwhelming and cheesy Christmas Netflix Original, I beg to differ. “Let it Snow” is an amazing Christmas romance that does not fail to get into the Christmas spirit. It leads to the imagination of meeting someone for the holidays and having that romance as well.  Even though it is an adaption of the book, it does not fail to have the same feeling as if you were reading the book. 

  • Director: Luke Snellin 
  • Run-Time: 1hr & 32 min 
  • Genre: Comedy & Romance