Latin Jaguars changes coaches

Karla Espinoza is the new latin jaguars coach Photo Credit: Zitlalith Cortes

By Zitlalith Cortes ’20

This year, Latin Jaguars presented a change of coaches at Pritzker. The old coach, Edwin Salgado, was replaced by Karla Espinoza, student recruitment, support coordinator, due to Salgado leaving to pursue his graduate degree and further his education.

As junior Stephanie Resendiz explained how she felt about Salgado leaving: “Mr. Salgado leaving the club was a very sad moment for the team because of the great impact he left. He taught many students how to be more confident with dancing.” Resendiz also stated how the club has changed without Salgado: “The club has been student led; the only difference is the new faces that we now have. Students that are interested in learning how to dance or just in general want to dance.” Resendiz was part of latin jaguars last year aswell.

Humberto Romo, a junior, stated, “Although it is sad that [Salgado] is gone, many of the other former Latin Jaguar members and alumni are still in contact with him.” Romo also explained how practices are going, “Well considering first semester just ended, we have a lot of work to do and a lot to catch up to.” Romo was also a member of latin jaguars last year and is part of the club this year.

Esmeralda Hernandez, a junior, stated what they are currently learning: “We are learning the basic bachata steps and learning the spins. We are also learning how to do like a body roll move. We basically learn a new step every class.” Hernandez is learning and likes the new moves that they are learning. Although Hernandez was not part of latin jaguars last year and has no knowledge of how things worked when Salgado was there, Hernandez likes how the system works in latin jaguars and the way that they are learning with the new coach.

Students gave their opinions on how they feel about the new coach. Resendiz said, “Ms. Espinoza is a great coach. She is very determined and with such a great energy. She loves and cares about the members in the team.” Similarly, Romo stated, “Our new coach is also a dancer with much experience, which is also a huge benefit to the program.”

Although Salgado is not going to be  with the team this year, he is going to be missed and Espinoza is going to take charge of the team.