Las Delicias de Morelia: Delicious  yogurt servings

The flavor of the yogurt is strawberry and has a topping of Oreo cookies. Photo Credit: Jonathan Orihuela

By Jonathan Orihuela’ 20

Las Delicias de Morelia an ice cream shop with delicious yogurts, comfortable decor, and a reasonable menu.

Although the place is rather small, it could really be a perfect place for you to hang out or even for a date. You can be sitting down enjoying whatever you ordered and be watching the television that is attached to the wall. I really like the place, but I would really recommend for the place to get some comfortable furniture.

The yogurts have this really soft and satisfying flavor that won’t make you stop eating. You can choose from either strawberry and mango flavor for the yogurt. In addition, the yogurt contains a lot of fruit, including apple, grapes, mango, pineapple, and much more. I would really recommend the mango flavor due to its more deliciousness.  The mango flavor has a better flavor in my perspective. It has this soft and sweet taste that the strawberry flavor doesn’t really have, but for every topping you desire to get in your yogurt, it will cost 25 cents more to your price.

The menu was actually pretty large. The restaurant does not only sell yogurts but also various stuff. For example, nachos with cheese, ice cream, ice popsicles,  and much more.

The fashionable part of the restaurant is that the menu is on the wall. I actually find that satisfying because while a customer is ordering, you could be looking at the menu deciding on what to choose when your turn comes.

Some people might say that the furniture is comfortable and great, but I disagree with this because there is no comfortable couches or chairs. There is a place where  you can sit and see the outside, but it is not really comfortable because it is not soft or convertible.

  • Monday- Saturday, 10 a.m- 9 p.m. Sunday- 10:30 a.m. – 9 p.m.
  • 773-360-8775
  • 4754 W Fullerton Ave