Labor Day: How do you celebrate it?

Labor Day: How do you celebrate it?

By Guadalupe Flores ’20

We all know Labor Day is a holiday celebrated annually in September. It is a day to celebrate and honor the working people in the US and Canada. It also gives students and employees a day off to celebrate this holiday.

Many people celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other holidays; it is no secret of how they’re celebrated, but for Labor day there’s not a specific way to celebrate it. Do students stay home, go out to the park, or just sleep all day? Well, that depends on how they feel about celebrating Labor Day.

Many students have different ways of celebrating this holiday, and some may be more active than others. The thing that matters is that they overall have a good time no matter how they want to spend it.

Katya Lugo, a junior at Pritzker College Prep, explained, “I celebrate Labor Day with my family and just have a cookout on this day.”

Libni Luna, a freshman, also explained how she celebrates this national holiday. “I normally celebrate Labor Day  by hanging out with my family and friends.”

Labor Day can be expressed as a day spend quality time with family.

What might Labor Day mean to students you may ask? Well,  Lugo emphasized that Labor Day for her means that your loved ones are out off work and you can “spend time with them such as eating and catching up.”

Luna stated, “Labor Day for me means a day dedicated to the social and  economic achievements of workers.”

This holiday, celebrated in the U.S, can have different views throughout the people. Some may feel it is really important and others might think it is less important compared to other holidays celebrated throughout the year.

Luna expressed that Labor Day for her is not an important holiday. She views it more as a day off; it might be considered important in the United States but not for her.

Lugo’s and Luna’s idea differ because Lugo said, “I will consider it a day off and a holiday because you can spend with my loved ones and at the same time I can sleep in.”

Many students enjoy holidays because it is a day to spend with family and friends. Also that you could sleep in, which everyone enjoys. You are more relaxed because you do not think about what is due the next day or if your homework needs to be done for the next day.

Labor Day will be celebrated every year as a reminder of appreciating workers and giving them a special day because they deserve it.

Overall, this holiday will always bring some type of joy because it is an opportunity to be with family and friends, going out to eat, or just relax; it could fit any possibility for people to enjoy on Labor Day.