La Vecchia: A New Tasty Chicago Pizza Place

The Lasagna at La Vecchia Photo Credit: Anabel Arevalo

By Anabel Arevalo ’21

The classy place La Vecchia has simple but stylish decoration, tasty food, and respectful staff. La Vecchia is an Italian restaurant that was recently opened. With new owners and a fresh start, La Vecchia has a great opportunity to gain a variety of customers.  

The way the restaurant is decorated is very simple. When I first entered the place, I felt welcomed. There were big windows letting the sunshine in the restaurant. The walls being olive green with parts of it being orange brick-walled gave it that feeling. The walls also had small picture frames. The black tables with white table sheets gave the place a clean look. Since I was there for 20-30 minutes, I started to get a little chilly but nothing over the max.   

Their homemade pizza is to die for because the pizza is organic and delicious. The pizza is baked on a wood-fired oven. It has the benefits of keeping certain nutrients and antioxidants. A pizza cooked like that also gives the pizza a smoky flavor that a normal oven cannot. The menu has a variety of options, such as the chef’s choice for you, appetizers, and a kids menu.

When the calamari, squid was served, it was served on a big white plate. When you order, you are asked if you would want it spicy or not. The calamari comes with a sauce, aioli, and some lemons. The calamari was very tasty. It was not rubbery and when lemon was put on it, it made my mouth water, wanting to taste the lemon right away. If you are not sure about what to order, the waiter will give you an option to let the chef pick your meal. When ordering, the waiter will ask if you would like your meal to come with a salad or soup.

The staff were very polite. When entering, they right away said “hello” to you and ask you how many will be joining you. They set the table for you, serve you water, and hand you the menu. They will let you explore the menu for a couple of minutes and will be back to answer questions or write down what you will be having.

  • Location: 7419 W. Irving Park Chicago, Illinois 60634
  • Phone Number: (773)-804-9024
  • Opens at 11;00 a.m.
  • Closes at 10:30 p.m.
  • They have delivery