La Michoacana: Delicious ice cream

La Michoacana: Delicious ice cream

By Perla Flores ’19


La Michoacana ice cream store will amaze you with its unique ice cream flavors, friendly service, and simple decor.

This ice cream store is by far my favorite because it is so unique. When you walk in,  the hosts welcome you and the sound of music hits your ears right away. You can get in line and order whatever you want, then take a seat.

They have every flavor you can think of. From chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla to lemon, mango, and even ferrero rocher which is my favorite type of chocolate. Besides all these cool flavors the texture is also unbelievable. Once the ice cream goes in your mouth it starts to melt and all you feel is the flavor of your ice cream. Now onto the water flavors! As soon as your water flavor ice cream goes into your mouth, you will be transported to a summer party. The flavors are so rich and even if you were to do a taste test blindfolded you would still guess the flavor, that’s what happened to me when my sister first bought me ice cream there.

Once you enter the door you will always hear a host greet you. The people are so friendly, they will always say “please” and “thank you.” An advantage that La Michoacana has is that they have lots of workers and it makes everything faster. With all the workers you get to enjoy your ice cream or whatever you purchased faster.

The decoration is simple but very appealing. They always have balloons on the walls and other decoration pieces, it makes you feel like you’re at a party. They also change the color of the decoration like every week because when I go I go like every weekend and the color is always different. What is even better is that they are always playing loud music, which makes it feel like a more real party.

The following quote was said by a person on google reviews. “The ice cream flavors are nasty. I never like what they serve.” This is what some people may say, but in my opinion all of the flavors are delicious and they also have other really good desserts.


  • 4610. W Diversey Ave
  • Rated 5 stars
  • Average cost $3-$10