“Killing Them Safely”: A painful way to go

Picture cover of documentary Photo Credit: Nadia Roa

By Nadia Roa ’18

Everyone has heard of tasers being used in arrests, but there is more than just that. It can go as far as how popular it is to how effective it is. The taser was invented by Jack Cover in 1969.

In this documentary they decide to start the film out as using the taser on a bison in order to show how effective the taser actually is. Then they decided to use an officer and use old film clips in order to breakdown the information and message that is trying to be sent across.

Another way the documentary uses to get the information across is by interviewing people of the police department. One of the commissioners of the department said, “So no one ever breaks a finger, no one ever hurts their shoulder, no one ever twists a knee because he has the taser to use. And I think that was the thought at the beginning, and it welcomed and… then the experiment began.”

In the beginning, tasers were used as a form to get the job done without any problems until a few people decide to test the taser out. What might have been seen as a good thing slowly turned into something terribly wrong. During the 1900s, there were a  lot of reports about police brutality. Cover, the man that created the weapon, thought it would be used as a way of punishment. It was the first, somewhat, effective weapon that would not kill anyone other than hurt them severely. In the documentary they show one case  of how the taser did not stop the runner from running. In most cases the taser was effective but there were times when it was not at all.

Tasers were often used incorrectly in many cases. In one case, a policeman decided to taser a six year old boy in his school. There was another case in which a taser was used against a guy named Robert Dziekanski who was killed by the taser. The interview was with lots of policemen that were on scene, many not taking responsibility but rather say “we don’t know the cause of death”.

This film was very interesting. It had facts about things that I have never heard of before. During my freetime, I personally would not watch it, but the film is very informative. Overall, this film is very informative and has a good way of giving out the information to the viewer.

  • Directors: Nick Berardini
  • Rating: 6.7/10
  • Time: 1hr 40mins
  • Documentary is on Netflix