Keep Calm and get a Summer Job

Sebastian at Frank Riley Elementary, helping out young students with school work. Picture credit: unknown

By Marlene Ocampo ’19

It’s the beginning of June, finals week is over, and it’s time for students to relax. Getting a summer job seems to be totally out of the picture, right? Well, not for students like junior, Katherine Rayyan, that when  interviewed by the pritzker press, she discussed her job at Jewel-Osco. A job that she found out about thanks to her neighbor. After going to her job interview and being hired, she got off to simple start: pushing carts and bagging groceries, which she said “Was the worst.” But thanks to her hard work, she got promoted to cashier.

Getting a job and keeping up with school work might seem so stressful, yet students like Rayyan have kept their summer jobs.  In order to make it easier to manage, many students take weekend shifts, especially if you are in a sport like Rayyan, who is in volleyball. Organizing your schedule is key to having a job and to not have homework piling up.

Another student who decided to apply for a job this summer is junior, Sebastian Delgado. He decided to take on a job at his old elementary school, Frank Riley Elementary.  Delgado described his experience as “enjoyable and a great opportunity.” He got to help kids with math and has fun doing it. So whether or not getting a summer job seems like an outrageous idea, it could be a door that opens up opportunities.

Taking the summer to get a job might seem like a time waster, but as Rayyan puts it “It showed me to manage my time and be more independent”.  Which is why she recommends pritzker students to get a summer job.

Taking the risk to apply for a job might seem “nervous” as Rayyan describes it, but Pritzker has things like the greeter system that helps you out in your interview. For example, Delgado had to go all the way downtown to get interviewed. Where you start having a conversation with a random stranger, yet they are the one who decides if you got the job or not, which is really nerve racking if you think about it.  Even though it might not seem like it, but every time you get stuck as the greeter for that one class, it might just be a great investment to your future.

If getting a job over the summer as a way to start saving money isn’t on your To Do list, then think twice. If you didn’t notice, Pritzker is a college prep school, as students will start to apply to college senior year, they will realize that college is definitely not free and is a lot of money. Scholarships only go so far. Being proactive now is just going to save you from a problem that you will have to stress about later. It’s just summer, and instead of binge watching Netflix shows, you could be not only getting money, but gaining skills as well.