Kanela Breakfast Club: A pleasant restaurant

Chilaquiles verdes with sunny side up eggs. Photo Credit: Diana Gomez

By Diana Gomez ’19

Kanela Breakfast Club, a restaurant located in Wicker Park, may appear small and old at first sight, but once you go inside, you are surprised with how open and well designed it is. To top it off, the waiters along with the appetizing food make the visit entertaining, welcoming, and worth it.

When I first entered the restaurant I noticed how there was no room to move around. There was little to no space, and I thought that I would feel cramped the whole time. However, once I was taken to my seat, I was surprised at how spacious the restaurant actually was. When I got to my seat, I had plenty of space and the tables were not cramped as I had previously thought. Although there was not a lot of designs, the restaurant took on a more modern and simple look. I prefer it when there are pictures or decorations hung up, but the modern and clean feel of the restaurant made up for it.

My favorite part of my experience was by far the entertaining service I received. The waiter was extremely funny as he joked around with my family and I. Also, whenever he brought us sugar, sauce, or food he always danced his way over to our table to add a little something extra to our experience. Aside from the waiter’s entertaining behavior, he constantly checked up on our table to ensure that everything was okay. This was extremely helpful as we were a big party, and he helped us feel welcomed.

I was attracted to this restaurant because it is known for its delicious breakfast foods. I was especially happy that the menu had foods that weren’t American, such as Chilaquiles or chorizo with eggs. Of course, even though the Chilaquiles were made different than what I am used to, the crunchiness of the tortilla chips and the sunny side up eggs made the plater delicious to eat. To tie the meal perfectly together, I also ordered coffee, which was the perfect warmth. I also enjoyed how the waiter would refill my coffee cup after I finished it.

Although I did enjoy my visit, I did not like the wait time. Since I came with a large party, it took about an hour and a half for us to get a table, making the beginning of my experience annoying. However, if you are a smaller party, then I would assume that you are seated faster.

  • 1408 N. Milwaukee Ave.
  • Phone number: (773) 661-1010
  • Open all week from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.