JV volleyball defeats DRW

Volleyball team members waiting to hit the ball.

By Diana Gomez ’19 and Andrea Manon ’19

The girls’ junior varsity team played against DRW high school on Sept 17. The game took place in Pritzker’s gym.

The game started off with Pritzker getting the first point because DRW served the ball out of the boundary zone. DRW soon caught up in points because later in the game, the jaguars were behind. That all changed when it was Betzaida Alamo’s, a sophomore, turn to serve. When Alamo served, DRW was not able to hit the ball back, so the ball kept coming back to Pritzker, and they  were able to catch up to DRW. In no time, Pritzker was ahead, and they won the first period 25-14. The team was cheering Alamo up and were there to give her a high five.

The second period started off with Alamo serving again, and this lead to the lady jaguars having more points than DRW. Soon, it was DRW’s turn to serve, but the jaguars made sure the ball would not touch the ground. Although Alamo didn’t serve the whole time, the other girls, such as Katherine Rayyan, a sophomore, did a good job at hitting the ball back to DRW. This time, Pritzker stayed ahead and won the second period 25-19. The game ended with Pritzker and DRW lining up and running to each other to give each other a high-five. The energy in the room was enthusiastic as the girls ran up to their families at the end of the game.   

Throughout the game, the girls encouraged each other and stayed motivated. During the 1 minute that they had during time-outs, the girls huddled in a circle while their former coach, Emily Driessen, talked to them. After coming back from the time-out, the girls played better than before.

Because there are multiple girls of all grades on the team, Driessen stated, “  I actually  really like this group of girls, I think that they have a lot of a different dynamics. I think that they are starting to  really gel as a team right now.”

It wasn’t like this all the time though because Driessen later said, “we have done some team building activities to get there.” Driessen is confident about the team because according to her, “the JV team has like a ton of spirit and that’s  what I love a lot  about them” The team showed this energy out in the game against DRW because the girls were always cheering each other on. Not once did they give up or looked drained. Throughout the game, they looked hopeful and were focused.

Driessen feels that the JV Volleyball team has a lot of spirit and that this team has a lot of potential because the team is made up of girls from freshmen to seniors. The team showed effort and they encouraged each other during the game. Every time DRW scored, they would just keep calm and applaud  their teammates. Furthermore, the girls kept screaming with excitement every time they hit the ball and earned a point. The girls played with energy and with effort throughout the game.

Before the game Crystal Roman, a sophomore, said “I felt nervous at first because we had lost our last game because we needed improvements.” Driessen agrees because she stated that the girls have improved in this game compared to the other games. Driessen stated, “I feel that the JV girls are really learning their rotations and we didn’t had to correct them as much as we did last time” Driessen continued on and said  “that’s what I feel [is] most  important, that they learn how to play the right way.” Driessen wants the girls to learn the right way of volleyball and she also wants the girls to keep improving in their skills.

Even though, the girls have improved their skills, Driessen wants the girls to improve their communication skills so that they can better understand the concept of volleyball. The girls worked on this during the game by calling for the ball, and they seen improvement in the way they play. Roman said “I felt relieved that we won because we made improvements that we needed to do in order to be successful.” Elizabeth Luviano, a sophomore said, her and her team need to improve on “[starting] strong and [finishing] strong. Sometimes we may be a little disappointed about our score and let that get to us, but that’s why we have the rest of our teammates. To cheer each other on.”

Also, the girls make sure they know that even if they lose, it’s just a game. Although, this wasn’t the case in this game because the girls won, Rachel stated, “[we] just have fun out in the court as Ms.Driessen says to do.”

The volleyball team is not only concentrated in winning the game. The team put their effort in the game, but they also had fun.  The girls improved their communication skills. During the game, the girls were giving each other signals to be in place or  to hit the ball  . Also, at the end of the game, the girls all got into a circle and celebrated their victory.

After the girls put all of their effort, at the end they succeeded. They didn’t only get the victory, but they also had fun when they won their game and they kept that smile they had during the game.

Even though the girls had lost games in the past and they felt a little nervous, they still had energy and they put their effort to do their best in this game. Also, they made improvements and used this improvements to do better in this game and at the end those improvements helped them win.