JV Girls’ Soccer Team defeats ITW

JV Girls’ Soccer Team defeats ITW

By Alex Bahena ’19

The JV Girls’ soccer team took on ITW at the Speer Field on Saturday, April 6 at approximately 12 p.m.

The Jaguars had just finished dropping a game to Noble Street with a score of 1-0 a few minutes prior before facing ITW. While Pritzker was playing Noble Street, ITW had time to rest  and prepare for their next game. The Jaguars were looking to come back from their defeat from the previous game, and they were looking to win on what could potentially could have been the end to their season. Pritzker also got a few minutes to rest and settle down for a bit prior to kickoff.

Kickoff began and the ball was being passed to both sides of the field in a very slow pace, the first half of the game was very silent on both sides of the field. The game went into the half tied 0-0.

After the first half, the Jaguars were playing with more determination and looking to score. While the ladies tried they could not successfully score the ball. It was until late in the second half that the Lady Jaguars were able to successfully score a goal. The goal came from junior Montserrat Leon via a free kick. The Lady Jaguars were now in the lead with a score 1-0. ITW was not giving up that easily; they put in more effort to their passes and shots. ITW was looking to tie the game at least. Unfountently, ITW was not able to score a goal, which resulted in the Lady Jaguars picking up a victory against their rivals on their own field.

Senior Oralia Olascoaga mentioned, “We started off playing good. We kept getting close to ITW’s goal. However, we were all bunched up and couldn’t really score.”

The future of the JV team continues to be a mystery. They can potentially have one more game, but that has yet to be confirmed.

Despite having a short season and not having a JV playoff series, the Lady Jaguars continued to play with their heart and passion the whole time. They were determined to get a victory in front of the  loving supporters that were present at the game. Their determination is what makes this team successful; they work together and still give it their all on the field even though they know there is no end outcome towards their effort. They continue to play with 100% because they have love for the sport.

    Olascoaga also talked about the team’s effort despite there not being an end goal for the season, “Even though there isn’t any championships this year, we continued to put the effort because we love the sport and because it’s a way for us to distress.”