JV Girls’ Soccer less games this year around

JV Girls’ Soccer less games this year around

By Melany Salgado ’20

This year around, the JV Girls’ Soccer team has about five games total this year, and that also means no championship game. Compared to last year, this is the lowest amount of games the girls have had. While the JV team had only five games, the varsity team has way more games and are playing the Pepsi Co. tournament and are in the championship this year.

Because there are only five games total this year, it has affected the mindset of some players, and the enthusiasm that they had at the very beginning, before known the amount of games, of the season had changed as well.  

With the amount of games known by the returning JV team, some of the girls gave their intell of how they felt about the whole situation. Samantha Morales, a junior, talked about when she first found out. She said, “When I first found out that we were only going to have five games, I was shocked because not only are we squishing two games one day but it makes me feel the season of lesser value.” Morales did feel like the season had much of an importance if the team was preparing for five games, they are squishing two games in one day.

Morales also said, “I feel like it’s unfair because I feel like there was an actual purpose to be practicing not that there is not one.” Because the games are spread out, meaning three games in March and two games in April, Morales felt that practicing was not gonna feel as important like it would have last year. The purpose of practicing is to be prepared for those games, but with the games stopping around April, Morales feels like there is no reason to even practice so much.

Griselda Jimenez, a junior, talked about how she felt about Varsity having more games than the JV team. Jimenez said, “I thought it was unfair because Varsity has more games and JV barely any.” Varsity has way more games, and knowing that Varsity has more opportunities in those games, kind of bummed Jimenez out.

Jimenez also talked about how she felt not being in the championships. Jimenez said, “The fact that we don’t have one sucks. It won’t feel the same as it did last year when we had most of Pritzker supporting.” Not having enough games and probably have the same games days as Varsity, would mean that not many people would be going to show their support towards the JV team.

Morales gave her thoughts on not having a championship this year. Morales said, “How I feel about not having championships this year is disappointing because regardless[…] it makes JV look less.” Even though Morales would only be playing five games, she was looking forward into participating in the championships.

JV would now be playing five games and no championship or tournaments, and the JV girls feel like there should have been more opportunities for them.