JV Boys’ Soccer vs Speer

JV Boys’ Soccer vs Speer

By Jahson Galvan ’20 and Jacqueline Martinez ’20

The JV Boy’s Soccer game on Saturday at Mansueto High School was a really intensive game. Both teams were working hard to dominate the final score in the end. Both teams were cheering on their own teammates. However, the last goal was made by Speer. Pritzker tried to tie the game, but they did not make it.

The team players gave it their all knowing that they were close to winning the game against Speer.

Jordan Hernandez, a JV soccer player, said, “The game itself was an okay game. We could have definitely won the game had it not been for our mistakes.” Hernandez was a bit disappointed that Pritzker did not win, but was willing to improve for next time. The JV team players were focused on winning and giving their all.

Hernandez also stated, “For me to improve individually and as a team, we need to take risks on taking shots and communicating as well as passing more efficiently.” Hernandez says these things and plans to keep his statement and start communicating more and passing more efficiently so that he and his team can be more successful and win more games.

Having a plan to help the team is a good idea so that they can have an idea of being successful. This improvement may help out the team if they can follow it and being more strategic when playing.

Hernandez stated, “After the game, I felt upset at first, but I later felt the thirst to take revenge and win against them the next time we face ITW.” He wants to show them that they will not give up that easy. The team was tired but still gave their effort. The team poured water over their heads to keep themselves fresh.

Michael Barcena, a JV soccer player, said, “The game was disappointing because we had the game. We had most of the possession of the game, and it sucks to lose.” Barcenas was sure that they had the game because as he stated they had the possession of the game because of the way they were set up and scored the first goal.

Barcena stated, “I feel sad and mad because we know we could have beat them, but we will get them next week for the semi finals.” He was not going to give up and was just waiting for the semifinals to get revenge and make sure that they give it their all to be successful.

Barcena stated, “Our defense needs to be more aware [of] where the players they are guarding are, and individually, I can do better [it’s] just that it was not my day.” He felt that everyone could do better on guarding and even himself. It was a really hot day, and both teams were sweating because they were running with all their power in the last minutes of the game.

Steven Camey, a JV soccer player, said, “I thought we did good overall. We can improve [in] some areas, such as defense and finishing. I think we could have done better with those two things being improved. But that’s why we have practice to get better.” Camey stated that he wants to see some improvements in defense and finishing so he said that practice will help them get better. He knows if they fix those small mistakes they can win against ITW next time.

Camey stated, “I think I can improve on not going up too much, so I can help support my fellow defenders. At practice, I could give it 110% so that in the games I give it my all and help my team. Our team can work on communication and talking to each other.” He wants to work on how he can be better player for his team. He knows that they are all good players that also make mistakes, but he wants to focus on how he can be a better player for himself and his team.

Camey said, “We had a good game we could have done much better. We made simple mistakes that caused us lose, but they are fixable. We had our ups and downs but we just got to keep our head up and not give up.” He wants to fix his mistakes so next time it can be a better game. He knows what he can do now to be a better player and have an even better team.

The team gave it their all and showed the other team what they were capable of. They were both good teams that gave it their all. Everyone was proud of each other because of their effort. The Pritzker coaches were hoping to win because everyone had worked so hard to win.

Both teams worked really hard and are willing to show their best for every game. The coaches want to show their team how to fix their mistakes, so they can learn from them.

The game was really good because you can see how hard both teams had trained to be in that field. Even though it was hot, they all tried to make goals. Everyone helped out their teammates trying to score, and they were proud of each other. There were a few of people and family members, but they still managed to get support from their team.

When Pritzker had the ball, they had this moment when the ball was being bounced back up in the air at least three times. Then, Pritzker had a chance to make a goal but the goalie had caught the ball so that made ITW win by a goal. Pritzker was getting really frustrated because they tried so hard to make it a tie.