Justice League: Another win for DC?

The poster for Justice League that features the superheroes Photo Credit: Edwin Torres

By Edwin Torres  ’18

“Justice League” is the newest DC comics movie revolving around Batman and Wonder Woman finding out that an enemy named Steppenwolf plans on destroying the earth by collecting three boxes called Mother Boxes. In order to defeat Steppenwolf, Batman and Wonder Woman have to assemble a team of people with abilities to defeat Steppenwolf.

The team that is assembled is called the Justice League and consists of Aquaman, Cyborg, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Batman, and another character that’s later revealed in the movie.

The thing that stood out to me the most was the visuals. They were spectacular as there were different styles taken throughout the movie. The beginning has a dark look but when the Justice League forms, the darkness lets them stand out as their suits have vibrant colors. The end battle also has beautiful visuals as the area in which the Justice League fights Steppenwolf has a very red and orange look to it that really captures the audience’s attention.

The other thing that “Justice League” did really well in was the character development. The movie did an amazing job giving backstories to the members of the justice league as the audience is introduced to new characters that they have no background knowledge about. Going into the movie, I had no prior knowledge about Cyborg and Aquaman, but “Justice League” was able to fill me in on their powers and their motivation for joining the justice league. I was pleased at their backstories because I got enough information about them that caught my attention and has me wanting to see more of them in a standalone movie.

Although the movie succeeded in those aspects, the pacing of the movie felt too forced and fast. Another issue that I had was with the villain Steppenwolf. He had no personality and as a result made a terrible villain. To cover up for the loss of personality, he’s shown as very strong, but in the end, he’s an unlikable character.

Overall “Justice League” surpassed my expectations and delivered a fun and adventurous movie full of different characters that stood out. “Justice League’s” characters and story make up for its’ fast pace.

  • PG-13
  • Fantasy and science fiction film
  • 1h 59m