Juniors prepare for ACT

Students were given review guides at the boot camp during spring break. Photo credit: Vanessa Banderas

By David Juarez ’16

On April 3,  the juniors will show what they have learned in their three years of being at Pritzker. As many of us know, the ACT is one of the most important exams a junior can take because it determines what college they could get into.

This will be one of the three tries the juniors will have in order to improve their score. Teachers have been helping juniors prepare for the ACT by meeting every other week for Pritzker Champions League, previously Hunger Games, where students practice ACT passages.

Juniors also had the choice to attend an ACT boot camp over spring break. The tutoring would not be done by Pritzker teachers but from Academic Approach, a test-prep company. Unlike being in a large classroom environment, students would have about four other students with similar ACT scores in their group, which could provide more one on one help.

Junior Jessica Delgado expressed, “I feel really nervous but at the same time I have to have the right mindset for the ACT. I feel many feelings and really pressured. I feel like Pritzker has prepared us by having us take lots of interims.”

Junior Clarissa Crespo stated that Pritzker did warn the students that this day was coming and that they did prepare the students, “It was up to us to take the practices seriously.”

Beatriz Roman, junior, said,“Well Pritzker has helped me like Clarissa said they have been telling us that this day was going to come up and since we had already practiced a lot of times that I’m not that nervous going to the ACT. I’m more excited to kill it!”

In the days leading up to their ACT, the juniors had a big group with a motivational speaker: Founding principal at Rauner and the Assistant Superintendent, Eric Thomas. Thomas expressed that students should be nervous. If the students are not nervous, they’re more likely to be bored during the test and not perform well. However, if you feel slightly more nervous, you’re more likely to perform better.

It’s okay for juniors to be nervous, but they should not let that affect their performance. It’s all about the right mentality.