Juniors join Global Glimpse

Screenshot of Global Glimpse logo. Photo Credit: Abril Pereznegron

By Abril Pereznegron ’18

As you may have heard, many of our juniors will be joining Global Glimpse in their mission of helping communities and creating global leaders. Global Glimpse is a program that allows high school students to travel abroad while helping a community.

Global Glimpse partners with schools to make it possible for students to join this program. In the Chicago area there are 13 partner schools from which two are from the Noble Network: Noble Street College Prep and Pritzker College Prep. Global Glimpse makes it possible for students to learn about a different culture through a curriculum of service activities that incorporate themes like: History, Education, Politics, and Human Rights.

Pritzker has three faculty members that are known as Global Glimpse Leaders (GGLs). Andrew Wetmore a GGLs describes this program as one that “combines service learning and study abroad.”

Global Glimpse works with faculty and students to travel to Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, and Ecuador.

How do students apply?

At the beginning of the year, teachers are sent out an email where they can recommend students that show leader-like qualities. After a list has been gathered, our GGLs reach out to these students with basic information about Global Glimpse and invite them to an information meeting.

After the information meeting students are encouraged to apply to Global Glimpse, which is done through the program’s website. Once students have been accepted to the program, they begin workshops at school. These workshops, according to Alex Bahena a junior traveling to the Dominican Republic this summer, stated that they consist of team building and leadership exercises.

How do students prepare for their summer trip?

Once students are accepted into Global Glimpse, they attend weekly meetings at their school. These meetings run as workshops lead by faculty members and students part of the Global Glimpse ambassador program. Salvador Medina, a senior who flew to Nicaragua last summer, stated: “I help future Global Glimpse students prepare for the most eye opening trip of their high school careers by educating them on the fundamental ideas of compassion, courage, and commitment.”

Global Glimpse ambassadors share their experiences and help prepare students to be global individuals. These workshops take place every week either Wednesday or Thursday morning.

What are students hopeful about?

Leila Marquez, junior, traveling with Global Glimpse this summer stated that she is “excited to allow this trip to be a humbling experience and change my view on life whether it’s being more generous, more open minded, or actually appreciating what I have.”

Global Glimpse travels to developing countries in hopes that students see how much of an impact their leadership skills can have on communities. Marquez acknowledged that her leadership abilities can be used  “in another country helping those who are less fortunate, which is something I am passionate about.”

Marquez went on explaining that she hopes this program will help build a stronger character.