Juniors attend Noble College Fair

Juniors attend Noble College Fair

By Marlene Betancourt ’17 and Yomaira Herrera ’17

On April 12, junior students across the Noble Network attended a college fair at UIC Pavilion to get more information on different colleges.  

At college fair, juniors from across the Noble Network were able to meet with different admission representatives from around the country.

The elevator speech, introducing yourself and talking about the college you’re interested in, was practiced during the junior’s PCL time in order so they could use it at the fair.

Katia Gomez, a junior, attended the college fair and stated, “ the college fair was somewhat a waste of time. I didn’t really get the opportunity to talk to any college counselor since it was packed.” Gomez wished that the college fair was more organized and less packed so that all students can have the opportunity to get more information about the colleges they are interested in. Gomez also said there was lack of time since her school bus came late.

  The college fair was a success to others, however. Many students came across familiar faces at the college fair where many reunited with past classmates. It was great to see many  old friends. Students thought that this college fair was more of a reunion than a actual college fair.

     Junior Jennifer also agreed that there wasn’t enough time, but it gave her a view on the application process, “It did give me the reality I needed knowing that I will be competing against these kids and more.”