Juniors and seniors learning Moana soundtrack in band

Virtual copy of the composition of the songs. Photo Credit: Samantha Ortiz

By Samantha Ortiz ’20

The juniors and seniors, in band class, were learning how to play the Moana soundtrack in the beginning of October.

Paula Andrade, a junior, explained, “[even though they] started playing Moana around the beginning of October” they began practicing as a band two weeks after.

Each year the band students prepare a variety of different songs that they will play at their winter concert.

The songs from the Moana soundtrack that are being learned in band class are the following: “How far I’ll go,” “Where you are,” “You’re welcome,” and “We know the way.” Alongside of those songs they are learning: Rolling Thunder and Farandole.

Though they are learning four of the Moana songs, they will be played as if they are one. Andrade explained “There are composers that put parts from movies and make a composed piece together including those songs creating one.”

The reason the students are learning those songs from the Moana soundtrack are because Benjamin Das, band instructor, chose for his students to learn for their upcoming concert. Andrade stated, “Mr. Das usually chooses the songs based on the types of songs we are playing overall.”

The concert is to showcase a variety amount of songs the students are able to prepare in the short amount of class time and days the students and Das have together.

Even though the songs from the Moana soundtrack are difficult to learn, the students are enjoying the time that they are learning to properly execute the correct pitches.