Junior students opportunity to attend the Hamilton play

By Chloee M Toro ’18

Hamilton is a musical about the life of one of our founding fathers: Alexander Hamilton. All junior students and their history teachers get the amazing and exciting chance to go see this play on March 15. Normally tickets usually cost almost $300 dollars each, however; students only pay $10 along with some task they need to get done in order to go on this trip.   

Junior students have three things they need to do that makes them eligible to go to the play:  turn in 10 dollars to the office, turn in both permission slips that allows them to go on the field trip and be recorded, and come up with a piece of a play, a poem, a song, or something in that category of a historical figure.

The reason behind why this is such a big deal is because all juniors get to have this wonderful experience of having history be brought to life through hip hop. Lin Manuel Miranda, the play writer and performer of Hamilton, took primary sources of history documents and brought them to life. This is a way to teach people about the history of the United States in a fun way everybody can enjoy.

Junior Abril Pereznegron rated her excitement level a 10 because she loves watching musicals. Pereznegron stated, “ I’ve never really had the chance to see one in person, but I have watched many recorded versions.” She also mentioned that another thing she can’t wait for is “learning about Alexander Hamilton through music.”  Junior Yaneet Rodriguez rated her excitement level eight to nine because she “had never heard [about] Hamilton [and] this year [has been her] very first time hearing [about] it. After listening to some of the songs or plays that he does, its really interesting.”

In order for students to participate in this experience, they are expected to write a piece that will have to be recorded themselves and turned in to their history teachers. Pereznegron loves writing poems, which led her to  “incorporate [her] writing style and [her] acting skills.” She mentions soon after how she is influenced by the structure [senior] Melinda Hernandez has for her spoken poetry.  Rodriguez mentions later on that she “plan[s] on doing a somewhat poem talking about Hamilton [and] Burr’s duel. [She] wanted to learn more [about] what had happen once Hamilton was wounded.”

Juniors are extremely lucky to get this opportunity because they only have to pay 10 dollars plus they get lunch at the Palmer House downtown. Pereznegron stated that juniors should definitely go. “This is literally a once in a lifetime opportunity. Anyone that does not take this chance will definitely be missing [out] on something great” stated Pereznegron. Rodriguez really thinks that all juniors should go because tickets are so expensive and the students get to see the play for only $10.