Junior class is informed about Russian Opportunities

Junior class is informed about Russian Opportunities

By Abril Pereznegron ’18

Summer is approaching as we say goodbye to first semester, it allows juniors to be exposed to the Russian Summer opportunities available.

Junior Russian teachers Rebecca Kaegi, Lauren Nelson, and Phillip Stosberg inform students of Russian opportunities to come. Though the push began during the first week of school, the junior class received more information on the programs recently.

Nelson mentioned some of these opportunities using a powerpoint in class:

  • Pushkin Summer Institute (PSI) at the University of Wisconsin Madison
  • Startalk Summer Russian Language program at the University of Pittsburgh
  • Russian Olympiada
  • Study abroad at Latvia
  • Russian tutoring during office hours

Juniors are encouraged to apply to the PSI and summer russian program at the University of Pittsburgh, as these programs take place during the summer before their senior year.

Juniors, as Nelson commented, were eager to learn more about these summer programs based on the interest level showed: “I had students write down their names if they were interested.” The list has many students interested in this program.

In fact, junior Brian Moro commented that the information he received helped him become even more interested in the UW Madison program: “I began looking into Pushkin’s poetry.”

Furthermore, these programs are highly beneficial to some because, “students who enjoy Russian can get to a higher level of fluency that they can’t get in an everyday classroom,” as Nelson stated. Additionally, during their senior year, current juniors can use these programs to make  them stand out when applying to colleges. Moro mentioned that he’s looking forward to “living in the dorms and experiencing life on campus.”

Nelson also mentioned that students that come back from these Russian programs demonstrate change in their proficiency. “Students that came back from these programs made great strides in their Russian,” Nelson added as the confidence level of students is shown.

Though brief descriptions of these offerings have been given, deadlines have not been established. Nelson emphasized that based on previous years, these deadlines are usually around Spring Break time. To further advertise these programs, Nelson is planning on having seniors talk to juniors about their experiences with these programs.