Jumpr: Jump to rise higher

Different game balls that have been earned are highlighted around; in addition, the top right corner has a button where the different backgrounds are located.

By Dulce Zagal ’20

Did you ever consider playing a game that requires you to think fast? Well, lucky you, Jumpr is the perfect game app for you. Jumpr makes you have quick movements, different game balls, and backgrounds to choose from, and difficult obstacles.

Jumpr makes you have quick movements because you are trying to get the ball to the top. Even though the game may seem easy, it is not. As you keep on jumping, the line where the ball lands disappear and the lines have open spots where the ball can fall. That is why you have to be quick in getting to the top and move on to the next level. You also have to be quick because you do not jump from bottom to top only, the lines are side to side too.

Jumpr offers different game balls to play with that some games may not offer. The types of balls may vary from a donut to a moon ball. The balls are earned every time a new level is achieved. Each time time you pass a new level, a new ball is given to you to have a chance to try it out. Furthermore, new backgrounds are also given as a reward for passing on to the next level. The backgrounds come in a variety of colors, which may include: red combined with blue, green combined with pink, etc.

Many game users like to be challenged rather than just passing an easy level. When players play games that have easy levels to pass, they do not like it and end up deleting the game. Jumpr is not like that. Jumpr first starts off easy and then when you have played all the easiest levels, the harder levels come in. Most levels are a mix of jumping bottom to top and side to side.

Some users may not enjoy the game as much as others would due to small details that bother them. One user stated: “It’s alright besides the fact that I can’t get past level 50.” This shows the difficulty of the game is hard. Considering the users’ opinion, I would have to disagree because the game is very entertaining to play, you just have to get used to the difficult levels.

  • Cost: Free
  • Age Rating: 4+
  • Seller: MagicAnt