Journey: A needed change of pace

Scene in Journey showing off its amazing graphics.

By Esteven Estrada ’19

Journey has a short but sweet story, smooth gameplay, and amazing graphics.

Journey is a game published by Sony and developed by Thatgamecompany. It came out originally on the PlayStation 3, but it has been transferred to the PlayStation 4. It’s basically the same game, but it’s gotten a graphics boost for this generation’s console.

The story for Journey is pretty simple: it’s a hooded figure that travels the desert to get to a mountain. The story isn’t told in a traditional way. It’s told through paintings, kinda like a cave story. There’s no dialogue between characters. The cool part about the story is how it can be changed. I noticed, when playing, that the amount of characters in the painting changed. At first, I was playing the game by myself, and then I saw someone was in the same game as me, and then the characters in the paintings in the cut-scenes changed to two characters. I thought that was pretty cool.

Journey has some open world elements, but it’s still a linear game. You can choose any path to take to get to the mountain , but the paths lead to the same place, and near the mountain is the part of the game where it gets less open. Even though it gets more linear towards the end, it makes sense story and level wise. The game also has some puzzles that aren’t that hard if you have some experience with puzzles.

The game runs on 60fps and is 1080p which, for those of you who don’t understand, it’s really good for a console. Usually games on console run at an ok 30fps and 900p, so to have a good looking game run on a console it’s a good send. I especially like seeing a part of the game where the sun is setting because it looks awesome!

Some people say that journey is too short to be worth their money, but to them I say this: That’s the beauty of it. Journey is a game that wasn’t meant to be long, but it’s supposed to deliver a good story and a past time, and that’s what I most love about this game. This game was a calm game that helped me kill about 2 hours.

  • $14.99 on the Playstation store
  • Multiplayer
  • PS3 and PS4 only
  • About 2 hours.