Jose Cano’s spectacular Soccer season

By Alexis Vallejo ’22

Jose Cano, a sophomore on the Boys’ JV Pritzker Soccer team, had excellent performance during the 2019 season. Cano scored 3 total goals this season. He was able to help and communicate with his teammates very well, which led them to win multiple games.

Before joining the team, Cano had a close relationship with soccer, his favorite sport. He has been playing since he was very young. Having many years of experience can lead to a very talented player, such as Cano. This is proven by how well he played this season. 

Others also agree that Cano played a good season. Fellow teammate Henry Fitz, a sophomore who played on the team with Cano, commented the following: “Cano played pretty well this season, he was able to help the team in any way and was very supportive. He is also a very well rounded player on the field.”

Cano has multiple abilities such as passing, shooting, dribbling, etc. He was able to use his skills on the field to impress the audience and even the opponents. During games he was very determined and did not give up even if the team was down by a goal or two. As Fitz said, Cano was very supportive of the team. Not only was he supportive, but he was also a positive player. Fitz mentioned that Cano always brought positive vibes to the practices and the games. He also includes how hardworking Cano was during practices. “He never gave up if it was hard,” said Fitz. 

Sophomore Daniel Herrera, a fan of the JV soccer team, said, “When I went to a few of the games, Cano would always be there spreading good vibes and looked like he was really trying on the field.” Not only did Cano contribute hardworking energy to the team, but he also expressed his positivity to the crowds — which plays a big part in the soccer community. Herrera added that spreading positive vibes is a good thing because it brings everyone together, and that is something Cano accomplished.

Cano’s performance is important to him. He stated that he wanted to “do good in the field,” and performing well would allow him to continue improving. Ultimately, this season went “fantastic” for Cano, for he was able to support the team and show his soccer skills in the field. Bringing an encouraging attitude and good skills to the team is something that was able to help the team win games; additionally, Cano was improving himself as an individual. Overall, as Fitz said, Cano had an excellent season with Pritzker JV soccer team this year.