“Jesus Is King”: Everyone waited so long for Kanye West to drop this

“Jesus Is King”: Everyone waited so long for Kanye West to drop this

By Jesus Guerrero ’21

Kanye West, also known as Ye, is known to be one of the most successful rappers in history. With memorable albums like “Graduation,” “808s” & Heartbreak,” and “My Beautiful “Dark Twisted Fantasy,” West has left a cultural impact on the rap scene ever since his debut album “The College Dropout” was released. West is also memorable for releasing albums late instead of on the promised dates. In 2018, West announced that he would be releasing “Yandhi” in September 2018. The album was postponed until November when it was again not released. “Yandhi” never dropped, but West gave hope to his fans a year later when he announced that he would release a rap-gospel mix, “Jesus Is King.” “Jesus Is King” was promised to drop on multiple different occasions, again not being dropped, but has finally been released on Oct. 25th, 2019. “Jesus Is King” is West’s most disappointing album, filled with unpleasing short songs, and devastating listening experience.

First of all, West has dropped some of the most household name albums in rap history. Culturally and socially, West has inspired many rappers to rise up and release their own projects. After a long time of delay and production, West released “Jesus Is King” to the public. It’s needless to say that this album was very disappointing. The production sounds a bit weaker and simpler, so much different from West’s previous albums. It feels as if this album was not handled correctly, and even with all the time that West took to release it, it sounds incomplete and rushed. Songs like “Follow God” and “Jesus Is Lord” sound like they could have been completed but repeat the same instrumental and/or lyrics that just don’t hit the spot. West is known for his memorable verses, but there is not much to look for here. Sure, there are some good lines on songs like “Closed On Sunday” or “Use This Gospel,” but nothing that compares to his albums like “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” or “The College Dropout.”

The length of the album is just under 30 minutes long. It’s very disappointing to get an 11 song album with a sub-30-minute mark. This album was reportedly worked on for a long time, and for it to be very short with delays on the release dates could not be more disappointing. The feel of the album could’ve been more noticeable if it at least had a reasonable time mark.

After listening to West’s discography, there is a lot to expect from “Jesus Is King,” especially after a long delay. Overall, satisfaction is not there. If it only had been a bit longer or even produced more carefully, with a more smooth transition from rap to gospel rap, then the album could have been up there in the ranks with the rest. The listeners expected more, Ye.

  • Released on Oct. 25
  • 11 songs on the tracklist 
  • Genre: Rap/Gospel rap