Jennifer the next soccer star

Jennifer playing in the game.

By George Arroyo ’19

Winter is over and the weather is turning up, which means that spring is ready to bloom its leaves again. This also means that Pritzker College Prep is now in session of starting the Girls’ Soccer team.

With Pritzker’s historic legacy in soccer, it is safe to say that all the members in the team are very confident in being ready for this upcoming season.

There is one student who hopes to leave a mark in Pritzker’s history when she graduates, and  her name is Jennifer Gonzalez, a junior.

She is a bright student and makes everyone laugh. Gonzalez started her soccer career as a young child and started playing for the Pritzker team during her sophomore year.

This year she is on the JV team. Her goal is to be capable of being on the varsity for her senior year, “Soccer is one of my favorite sports, I want to dedicate myself to it so that next year I can be in the varsity team.”

Gonzalez expresses a great devotion to the sport and respect for soccer, “My experience in the soccer team is just wonderful. I love it when we all as a team help each other. We don’t judge each other and that’s good.”

Many of Gonzalez’s friends also support her, as well as people she usually does not talk to whom are on the team.

For example Dania Herrera,  a senior at Pritzker who started playing for the team the same year, claims that, “I don’t really know Jennifer personally,  but I believe she is very good at the sport. I feel like every time the JV team has a game, I see her improve. At practice, she is funny in her own way, which tells me she is bubbly and hilarious.”

Being known as a capable player, there are also slippery slopes to Gonzalez and everyone, “What holds me back is when I give up right away and I start becoming more negative toward myself. I should not do that because everyone makes mistakes and I can learn from it.”

Gonzalez hopes to make this soccer career count for something and it is to make her parents proud, “I hope to make my mom and dad proud. They have really been there for me in the bad and good times. They deserve to see me grow. I want them to know that in the end I did what I had to accomplish.”

For being someone who can identify ones weaknesses,  Gonzalez can be described as competent, confident, and capable as a student-athlete. She encompasses the qualities of a great teammate to her companions.

As a result, Gonzalez carries the right attitude toward achieving her goals and wishes on becoming something that will lead her to a great soccer career.