Jazz Band competes in Boston

Jazz Band practicing before their upcoming performance. Photo Credit: Kevin Arguello

By Jazlyn Jimenez ’20

The Jazz Band went to Boston from Jan. 24 to Jan. 27 to compete in the annual Jazz Festival hosted by Berklee College of Music.

The Jazz Band flew to Boston Thursday morning and stood in Boston for three days and three nights. They were excused from school Thursday and had Friday off, due to report card pick up. They stood at The Verb, a rock themed hotel not far from the place they were performing at. All members were able to attend this trip.

While the Jazz Band went to Boston to compete, they still participated in a numerous amount of other activities. Each day there was something planned for them to do. They were able to explore the city the first few days as the competition was not until their final day in Boston.

A couple examples of the activities they participated in were attending a Boston Symphony, sightseeing, and putting on face masks to relax. The Jazz Band also got to go watch the Boston Latin School play some sets.

“I really enjoyed this trip, and all the freedom we were given. Everybody in the band was able to build closer connections during the duration of this trip,” expressed junior Kevin Arguello.

Similarly, junior Exavier De La Cruz expressed that he enjoyed this trip “immensely.”  De La Cruz explained that he was able to reunite with a friend he had met from one of the previous the Jazz Band traveled to Boston to compete.

“I don’t have the words, and I do not think I ever will have the words to express how much I enjoyed the trip, further explained De La Cruz.

On the last day, the Jazz Band competed in the annual Jazz Festival at Berklee College of Music. They competed against school bands all over the United States. Rauner College Prep was the only other Noble School that competed in this competition.

Unfortunately, Pritzker’s Jazz Band was unable to place first place in this competition. The Jazz Band ended up placing 14 out of 17. However, the Jazz Band was still very proud of themselves. De La Cruz explained how a lot of the top bands did not even place. “There was a ton of tough competition,” stated De La Cruz.

“We loved the trip,” expressed senior Natalie Santillan. “[We] tried to make the best of it because this is the last Jazz Band competition in Boston due to Berklee stopping their annual competition,” explained Santillan.

Jazz Band members are sad that this was their last trip to Boston; however, they are trying to remain optimistic. “In all honesty, I’m fine with [Berklee stopping their annual competitions], coincidences really don’t exist, and what happened did so for a reason,” explained De La Cruz.