Jared Cerda: A committed and dedicated player

This is a picture of Jared Cerda in position, watching where the balls go.

By Jonathan Orihuela ’20

Boys’ Rugby team, which is coached by Liam Lawson and Graham Lawson, contains one special, dedicated player: Jared Cerda. Despite the injuries that Cerda has received from being in that sport, he never manages to give up and gives it his all when a game takes place.

The reason why Cerda joined Rugby is mainly because of his older cousin, Alex Reyes: “Well, my older cousin, Alex Reyes, used to play for Pritzker on the Rugby team”. Seeing how tough the sport is and how close Reyes got with his teammates is also another reason why Cerda has joined the Boys’ Rugby team. Cerda has created a strong bond with his team, which makes him not want to quit the sport because the team he is in is like a family.

In order to play a sport, one needs to be committed and dedicated to the sport. Cerda has been dedicated and committed to Rugby, as Randy Torres, a junior who is also in the Rugby team, stated: “Despite personal issues, he always goes to practice and games with a smile on his face.” Cerda has a positive attitude whenever he enters a game, which is a good thing because a person needs a positive mindset to assure victory in a game. Cerda does not let personal issues affect the mood he brings into practice and games. Torres stated, “Whether or not he tries during practice or not, but during games, he goes off.” Cerda has really proven to be a part of the team since he puts in the dedication and time into practicing to eventually do good in his games and to become better himself.

Being in Rugby, one needs to be on top of his work, academically. Cerda stated that being in Rugby does affect him academically; however, in a good way: “Our coach, Mr. Lawson, has us on top of our academics. Even though we only need a 2.3, he wants us to be at a 3.0 [because] if we [have a bad GPA], we can not play”. Being in Rugby has inspired Cerda to keep his grades up so that he won’t become eligible to play or practice and stop the team from improving.

Cerda is really committed to Rugby because, despite the injuries he has gotten, that never made him quit the sport: “I didn’t stop playing because I didn’t think too much of it… I also didn’t want to let the team as a whole down”. Cerda really cares for his team and has shown it due to the way he participates in the sport every day.

Cerda stated his passion for the sport: “Try it. Yes, there is pain in the game but there’s also a satisfaction that you get when you lay someone on their butt after you tackle them”.