Jaguars cheer at WE Day Celebration

WE audience stands and do WE sign. Photo credit: Abril Pereznegron

By Abril Pereznegron ’18 and Mylani Rivera ’18

On April 28, 28 Pritzker students, from all grade levels, had a chance to experience a life changing event. “WE Day was evening to remember” stated sophomore Briana Cano.

“We Day is an event that celebrates youth that have contributed to their local and global communities through philanthropy and social change,” Jasmine Guy, Community Service coordinator, stated.

Famous artists, speakers, performers, and many others got together to try and make a difference around the world with the best way possible, starting with our youth.

Guy said that students were taken to the event because WE Day, “as an opportunity for our students to become exposed to the positive impacts students across Chicago.”

Additionally, Pritzker left a good impression at WE Day since they served as crowd pumpers. “Overall, the group was a really good group.  I received compliments from the We Day coordinators on how engaged, respectful, and ‘all in’ our students were,” Guy said.

As crowd pumpers, Pritzker students assist with crowd control and leading groups of students in song and dance throughout the night. This really helps to keep the audience’s energy high and maintains a positive and enthusiastic atmosphere.

Students were chosen to attend if they weren’t freshman, for they had PARCC testing that day, and those that had good grades. Even though the registration to Guy was first come, first serve, Guy still looked into the student’s academic standing and how much they had helped in their communities.

Sophomore Diana Tello expressed that “WE Day made me realize how life keeps moving forward no matter how rough the path gets.” At first, many students went for community services hours and to get a day out of school, but got more than what they were expecting.

WE Day not only touched students at the school but around the world. “WE Day taught me to live in the moment […] and how lucky we are to be able to have a school because other people don’t get the same opportunities that we do,” stated Cano. Students learned more beyond their knowledge and had a desire to make a change.

Guy among other students had an amazing time with WE Day, Guy states: “To be a part of such an incredible event with a meaningful cause was a treat in itself, but being with our students and witnessing them take charge and contribute so freely and positively was really inspiring to see.”

WE Day is an overall amazing opportunity to inspire many students. This year, jaguars went to help, but maybe next year we go to show something that we’ve worked on.