Jackie Pastrana vs Rugby

Jackie Pastrana vs Rugby

By Ariana Padilla ’21

This sophomore has had an eventful life while attending Pritzker.

Despite all of her obstacles, she has maintained a positive perspective. While overcoming challenges freshman year, she has remained focus and continues to do better.

One obstacle she has managed to overcome is her anger. Some incidents occurred early on into her Pritzker journey, that has allowed her to reflect deeply. Also, these problems have helped her because as Pastrana said, “As everyone says, you learn from your mistakes.” She’s made better choices and has a tabula rasa for sophomore year.

As she’s had her tabula rasa, Pastrana has decided to join some lady jaguars in Rugby. The lady jaguars are very friendly as Pastrana stated, “They’re all like my sisters, to be honest.”Pastrana also stated that the team players are very helpful to each other.

Of course, joining a sport is not easy, especially a sport like rugby.

Rugby is very complicated and competitive for example, it’s physically demanding as you could say.

It all started when Pastrana’s oldest brother Erick Avila, that graduated from here, played rugby. Like always, Pastrana never really paid attention to the actual game or noticed that she had interests in it. The inspiration was from her family and friends. They all told her she would be a really great rugby player and how she would do good with the tackling because of how fierce and strong she is.

During practices it’s very hard because the coaches push you a lot. It’s a lot of running, tackling, and competing against each other in the practice. Some girls have gotten hurt because of practices and/or games. But at the end of the day, it’s for the better to get the W or even try putting in your best effort.

During the games, there’s a lot of tackling, well depending on the team since some teams may or may not be much of a “threat”.

With all this pressure on you with the games and practices, it’s overwhelming.

Another factor of having it overwhelming is keeping up with your personal and school life besides rugby, cause obviously, you can’t always depend on a sport for everything.

School and joining a sport can be difficult because you have to maintain your grades. Also, since she is experiencing how sophomore year is treating her compared to freshman year, of course, it’s going to be hard on her.

Putting in all the effort can benefit people in the long run maybe for the future with something else, not just rugby.

Pastrana can get through this with a little bit of will left inside of her from the games and homework drained out of her but if you think of it, it’s only sophomore year.