ITW vs. Pritzker: Tensions brought on the field

PC: Abril Pereznegron

By Ariana Lopez ’18 and Abril Pereznegron ’18

Pritzker was unexpectedly defeated by ITW Speer during a rough and hectic game on Sept. eight. The final score resulted in 14-7.

The crowd was loud and the weather was chilly. Voices were heard as the players placed themselves on the field. Both teams envisioned one thing and one thing only: victory.

Starting off the game,  mostly full of seniors, you could see Jaguars ready to take on a challenge that they had prepared for. After putting in the work during practices, this game was where they would show off their effort. Senior Nathaniel Marquez emphasizes that much practice was put for the game against ITW since, “they are a rival school that beat us 6-0 last year.”

“You could hear the clashing of the cheers by both schools. It was not necessarily intense, but it was extremely ambitious,” stated ITW freshman Savannah Segui, in regards to how the crowd behaved. Segui also stated that the ITW students had been talking about this game quite a lot throughout the week; it was something many were looking forward to.

Initially, Pritzker was taking the lead in the game. Speer was down 7 points up until the third quarter. Pritzker students were prideful and vocal. However, it was during the third quarter when the team took a turn.

Emanuel Lopez, a player on Varsity said, “it was a unexpected turn that the game took. Maybe we were all boasting in our heads, which worked against us.” It was visible that the crowd also felt this way. The screams and cheers died down as ITW Speer abruptly took the lead in the game.

Additionally, the game did not result in what was expected from for either team. As Lamar Sanders, ITW senior, wide receiver and linebacker states “we were not expecting the game to be that hard.”

“I was expecting the Pritzker Jaguars to win against our rivals ITW,” stated senior Jeremy Hernandez, manager of the Football Team,  as he voiced what many at Pritzker were in hopes of.

From the attendance seen at the game, Pritzker went in hopeful about calling victory on this long awaited game.

During the game, as many students have claimed, calls were being made wrongfully. When senior Erick Avila was faced-smashed by a Speer student, the referee made the call on Avila rather than on the Speer student.

Furthermore, the players became prone to injuries as the game kept going. The game got harsher as the scores came closer. The teams had become combative. One player, senior Herriberto Munoz, got severely hurt and ended up being taken to the hospital by an ambulance. “I have a spinal disorder, which made everyone worry,” Munoz added. Injuries from the players made the crowd worried. When Munoz was taken by the paramedics, the crowd worried and bowed in silence. After Munoz was safe, the crowd began  cheering on even louder for the team as a whole.

Similarly to Munoz, Sanders was also injured during the game: “I hated that I could not help my team out.”

Despite the fact that Pritzker understood that they had been defeated, the game was still full of effort, as Pritzker still had hopes to beat ITW.  “You could definitely tell that both teams played their bones out on that field. It felt good watching it go down,” added Segui. In agreement with Segui, Hernandez, stated, “the team got a little sidetracked, but they definitely picked it up once they saw ITW on the lead. They played well and began working like a team during the struggle.”

On the other hand, Sanders said that the team expected this game to be easier than it was. “We were not expecting the game to be that hard[…] but they gave us a tough game.”

The work that was put during practice was clearly shown during the game. Knowing that this would be a tough game, the team did not lose hope when playing. Furthermore, the effort that was put into the game, evidently displayed that the team was not in it to just play a game. The team had something to show, and they did: Jaguars don’t give up.

Despite the loss, it is good to consider that they learned a lesson from the defeat. “I think one thing the team should definitely work on is never underestimating the rival regardless of what the current circumstances might be. That would save us,” included Hernandez.

As the team resulted in disappointed faces, the audience was able to still cheer on the team up until the end. As the players were exiting the field, fans and family members cheered on for the team. Despite this being a loss for the team, something came out of this lost. Knowing that despite the challenges faced, the team did not give up on each other.

As Hernandez puts it, the most important thing from the game is that, “the team played their best even if it didn’t result in a W.”