It is that time of year again: Snowball 2019

This is the application regarding the Snowball trip that will be in February.

By Jennifer Arroyo ’21

Snowball 2019 is right around the corner! Get ready to participate in loads of activities and get to know others you have never talked to before!

Snowball is a three-day event that happens in the second week of February. Many students attend this event to relieve stress, have fun, and make new friends!

Elizabeth Gutierrez, a sophomore, attended her first ever Snowball her freshman year. She mentioned that her favorite part of Snowball was “meeting new people and bonding with them.” She goes on to add that she likes “the fact that you can feel free from any problems you have.”

Jonathan Morales, a junior who attended Snowball for the first time during his sophomore year, mentioned that his favorite part of Snowball was his group. He noted that “[he] had a great time getting to know [his group] and playing games in [his] cabin.” He added that there were people who came to talk to them and told stories about themselves and sang songs.

Matthew Flores, a sophomore who first attended Snowball his freshman year, stated that his favorite part of  Snowball “had to be that [there] was no certain type of technology in sight.” Flores points out that with technology being out of the picture, it allowed them to show their true selves instead of hiding behind a screen all day.

If you are planning on going to snowball, here is what a normal day would be like!

Flores stated that the schedule for Snowball was “usually a cycle.” Gutierrez, Morales, and Flores said that they first woke up quite early and met at the Chapel. Flores noted that the Chapel is a room built for many purposes. It is where all attendees meetup to know what their day will look like. Then, they would disperse into their groups and do fun activities. Flores commented that even though the schedule for Snowball was repetitive, it was fun.

So what are Gutierrez, Morales, and Flores most looking forward to for this upcoming Snowball?

Gutierrez says that she is most looking forward to spending a weekend that is stress – free, meeting new people, and making fun memories. She also adds that in Snowball there are leaders and she is willing to become a leader next Snowball because she was hesitant in becoming one this Snowball.

Flores is looking forward to the new group he will be having because “[he] loves meeting new people and conversing.” He also mentions that he is looking forward to nights in his cabin because most of his advisory brothers will be attending Snowball.

Morales states that he is most looking forward to getting to know the freshmen and sophomores in his new group.

Will you be going to this upcoming  Snowball? If so, what are you most looking forward to?