Is Modern Warfare the best Call of Duty game of all time?

Is Modern Warfare the best Call of Duty game of all time?

By Cristian Gutierrez ‘21

Modern Warfare has been a roller coaster of emotions for many players. The game was at some point called the “camping” simulator.  It was considered a camping simulator because of all the players that would sit in spot the entire match. The game has received many updates up till this point. The new update introduced new weapons to Warzone, a new multiplayer map, and new playlists for multiplayer.

Warzone is a brand new battle royale game that has incorporated many aspects of Call of Duty games. The new update added “new” weapons to Warzone. The “new” weapons come from the multiplayer game mode. It is nice that new weapons are being added to Warzone because there was a limited variation of weapons. The new weapons are great because they are able to compete with other popular weapons, which is great as it changes up the play style of players.

A new multiplayer map, Hideout, was added. Hideout is a relatively small map that can be fun to play for those seeking a lot of action. The map can be confusing when navigating through it as it has a lot of turns. This can be frustrating because it can affect the amount of action a player gets in a match. The last thing a player wants is to have to waste time navigating the map. Hideout allows players to easily complete challenges and level up weapons. Being able to do all these things is awesome because other maps make it harder.

The brand new update also introduced a new game mode playlist to multiplayer. The new playlists include hideout 24/7, shot in the dark, and cabin fever. Hideout 24/7 features the new multiplayer map, Hideout, with multiple game modes. This game mode is meant for those who are enjoying the new map or want to try it out. I enjoy this playlist because it is packed with action. The second playlist is shot in the dark which features game modes played in night vision. This is a fun game mode as it allows players to get a realistic experience. The last playlist is cabin fever, which puts all the smaller maps into a single playlist. All these playlists are awesome because it allows players to choose their own experiences depending on their play style. 

Although the new Modern Warfare update is great, it still has some cracks. The new multiplayer map is good in many ways as it is bad. Players find themselves having to adjust to a game style that might not fit them. The new update has also introduced new bugs. The game seems to have a lot of issues with servers. Overall, the update has spiced up the gameplay for players.

  • Introduction of new weapons to Warzone
  • Introduction of a new multiplayer map
  • New multiplayer game modes