Is it necessary to dress professionally?


By Michelle Cruz ’20

It is often said that people should be well dressed when going to an interview or attending a special event. However, some people may not know what is appropriate to wear for these kinds of events.

Dressing professionally means dressing in order to try and impress how professional someone can be. Having to dress professionally also depends on the kind of event someone is attending. It all really depends where someone is headed and what kind of event it is.

Stephany Cano, a junior, had mentioned that she was taught that dressing professionally was meant to show a good impression of a job or for school. She added on to say, “I have been told that there are days where you can dress however you want and it’s okay. You don’t always have to dress professionally, but there are times where you have to set a good impression.”

Cano had given examples for when she thinks it is appropriate to dress in professional attire. Those examples are going to an open house, a performance for band or choir, going to a tournament, etc.

However, Kavon Howard, another junior, had different views than Cano. Howard said he personally does not think that dressing professionally should be the main focus or even an idea. Howard said, “The only thing that should matter is the kind of person someone is on the inside when dealing with a situation.”

Iyana Lopez, a junior, did not agree with Howard’s views on the need to dress professionally. Lopez stated, “I do think it’s important to dress professionally in order to make a good impression because first impressions count. Whether [it is your] clothing or your attitude. It all matters.”

People will have their different opinions and views on what it means to dress professionally and whether it is necessary or not.

There can be many different interpretations on what it means to dress in professional attire.

For example, how Cano had stated when she thought it would be appropriate to dress to impress or what can be said in other words professionally.

At Pritzker, we dress professionally with our uniform so that we can be portrayed as being model citizens for the community.

However, the way we dress for school may be different than if someone were wanting to make a good impression for job interviews or school interviews.

At the end of the day, there will be those who can decide on dressing professionally or not. In some environments, there are no rules on how someone should dress-unless told otherwise.