Is Dating a Thing of the Past?

By Arlette Carino ’21

When I think of dating, I imagine dinner and a movie. Nowadays though, people don’t want to put in the effort to get to know someone. This change was brought by technology.

Nowadays, most people can be found on a phone, and the majority of those individuals have social media. This new addition in the 21st century has made the dating scene disappear.

In multiple tv shows/movies, the viewer can see potential couples walking in a park, eating dinner, or going dancing. Sadly, these chain of events do not happen in real life. 

With modern-day apps, every kid seems to have Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat. It’s very easy to just follow or add anyone. Teenagers seem to communicate more on their phones than in person.

Texting a person is way different than verbally talking to them. The problem with texting is that you are not hearing their voices. Also, how do you tell someone through text that you are interested in them?

The culture of dating has turned from going out together to code-breaking text messages and asking friends “what does this mean?” or “what are they trying to say.”

There is a ‘talking’ stage: Urban Dictionary says the definition of talking is “when two people like each other a lot and have established that they like each other but they aren’t technically “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” yet but they don’t talk to other people.” Both of you obviously know something is going on. But who will say it is official? At this point, “hanging out” is the new version of dating. 

Some people may argue that dating is still alive because several people are interested in getting to know someone the old fashioned way. However, not enough kids are willing to waste money on dinner for someone they barely know.

It is very easy to text people instead of interacting in real life and have a thoughtful conversation. In my opinion, asking someone on a date is still cute and romantic. Also, being upfront about where you want the relationship to go is okay. Doing everything by text just does not have the same effect. Although it may be very awkward to first start dating, it shows you have courage and it can potentially lead to something great.

Dating is a way to know someone, to know whether the person is a good match, and to learn about each other. Showing you have an interest in someone is a great way to form a relationship. People should make time for each other and show they care about the relationship.

Although technology has not helped with people forming relationships in real life, people should try and get out of their comfort zone.