Ipsento Coffee Shop: Small, cute, and delicious

Ipsento's Nutella Latte with a brownie.

By Diana Gomez ’19

Ipsento Coffee is a local coffee shop located in Bucktown. Though it is widely recognized for its traditional coffee and lattes, Ipsento also offers a wide variety of sandwiches and other small pastries. In addition to the great food, Ipsento’s welcoming service and appealing decorations make it a great place to visit.

Although the menu may appear limited at first sight, Ipsento does offer a variety of different foods. Not only does Ipsento offer sandwiches named after famous writers, such as F. Scott Fitzgerald and Henry David Thoreau, but it also serves toast and different breakfast or lunch options. Normally, I tend to stray away from pastries. However, while at Ipsento, I caved in and bought a brownie along with a Nutella Latte. The brownie and the latte went together perfectly as they were warm and delicious. What made the latte better was that it had a design of a heart shape.

As soon as I walked in, I was greeted with a “Hi, how are you?” The welcoming service stayed throughout my visit as the workers asked the same question to every customer that walked in. When I did not know what to order, the workers were understanding and gave me suggestions on what I should buy. This ensured that my time spent at Ipsento was comfortable, welcoming, and not awkward.

Lastly, though Ipsento appears small when you walk in, there is extra seating in the back, making it comfortable to sit and enjoy your food.  Furthermore, the coffee shop is nicely organized with coffee mugs, artificial plants, and portraits to compliment the dark blue room. The calm environment makes it the perfect place to do homework or even sit and talk with friends.

A common critique of Ipsento is its slow service. However, I did not experience this slow service. I thought the wait for my latte was reasonable, and I did not think the workers were too slow. There were enough workers that allowed for a quicker service when more people began to walk in.

  • Address: 2035 N Western Ave
  • Number: 773-904-8177
  • Has free Wi-Fi!