iPhone 11 Pro: The future for iPhones

My sister's iPhone 11 Pro. Color of the phone is silver.

By George Quinonez ’21

The iPhone 11 Pro is the next-generation type of phone to hit many consumers’ pockets.  It is also the highly anticipated new product from Apple. The iPhone 11 Pro consists of a new triple camera system, a longer battery life, and a more efficient shatter-resistant glass. 

Apple announced the new iPhone 11 Pro on Sept. 10, this year, along with many other new products. The iPhone 11 comes in two different sizes, which are the iPhone 11 Pro (5.67in.) and the iPhone 11 Pro Max (6.22in.).   New and improved features were added in order to catch many consumers’ attention. For example, unlike the iPhone X, the iPhone 11 Pro has a three-camera system instead of a two-camera system. 

Triple Camera System

The triple-camera system allows for three different ways to take new photos. When using one camera there would be a telephoto option, which is a smaller sized photo, a wide photo, which would be a  regular-sized photo, and finally an ultra-wide photo, which is able to capture a photo that no iPhone was able to do before. The quality of each photo or video is way better, for it is now captured in 4K resolution. Not only are these the only changes when capturing photos, but there is a more efficient night mode that allows you to take better and higher quality photos in the dark. All these new features are fantastic. Instead of having to squish everyone in a photo, users are now able to take a photo that allows the camera to capture everyone in an ultra-wide photo.

Longer Battery Life

The iPhone 11 Pro has a longer lasting battery life than the iPhone Xs and the Xs Max by four to five hours. This allows for more video and audio playback time. More usage of the iPhone allows you to do more exciting things like longer video recordings, more photo capturing, or long nights watching Netflix or Hulu, like any teenager would do, without having to worry about the battery life running out. 

Shatter & Water Resistant

The iPhone 11 Pro is protected by one strong single sheet of glass and dual ion exchange, which is a compressive stress layer that forms a tough surface.  In addition, it is able to withstand a depth of four meters in water for 30 minutes. Shatter-resistance is very important because users tend to drop their phones multiple times, and since the iPhone 11 Pro is stronger there is a lower chance for a cracked screen. Also, there are instances where the phone drops in a puddle of water or in a cup with a soft drink, now there is a lower chance for any internal damage for the phone. 


However, some consumers may argue that the new iPhone 11 Pro is way too expensive or that there weren’t really new innovations added to the phone. I beg to differ. Apple has come along way when innovating their products, especially the iPhones, and the price is high because consumers are buying a product that is really worth the price, and it isn’t cheap material that Apple uses to build the new iPhone. So go and buy the iPhone 11 Pro right now and have fun! 

  • Release Date: Sept. 20, 2019
  • Distributor: Apple Inc. 
  • iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max Price: $999 and $1,099