“IO:” A not so thrilling thriller

“IO:” A not so thrilling thriller

“IO” is a Netflix Original that consists of breathtaking cinematography, poor execution, and exceptional characters.

“IO” is about Sam, a scientist dedicated to finding a way for humans to adapt and survive, being stuck in Earth after a violent natural disaster that destroyed humanity. She was working diligently before the last shuttle, her ticket to leave the Earth, arrived. She encounters another survivor, Micah, who brings her the tough decision she had to make of staying on Earth or leaving with him. 

This show’s cinematography was breathtaking in its own ways. With the beginning scene being Sam escaping from what seemed to be a sewer to the destruction of the Earth. The way everything around her looked destroyed and like a real natural disaster made everything much more interesting. 

The scenes of the Earth from space were very detailed and well thought out. As well as the scenes of her going out to find things; for example, when she found mosquito spawn inside the sewer or when she left her shelter to look at the depression of smoke. 

Even with all these amazing scenes, the execution did not meet that of the trailer’s. The trailer of the movie made it seem as if it was to be more about the hardships of getting to IO but the movie was not quite the same. The movie was more about the relationship between Sam and Micah, which correlates with the movie being a drama and romance. However, the way the trailer was executed seemed so much more interesting and thrilling than what it really was. 

The movie seemed to move so slowly and not much happened. 

Despite the poor execution, the characters made the movie tolerable. The woman who played Sam, Margaret Qualley, played the character with so much emotion and passion. In the beginning scene, as well, she finds out that her strands of DNA that she and her father worked on for so long that would help with the development of survival were gone. She yelled out and showed how truly angry she was and how much pain that really caused her because it meant so much to her progress. 

Anthony Mackie who plays Micah did a great job at hiding himself from Sam, at first, because she was not who he was looking for. 

One person who watched the movie said, “One of the most boring movies I’ve ever seen. Unlikable main character.” I disagree with this statement because Sam, one of the main characters, was very likable because of how much she truly cared about her goals. I overall recommend this movie if you want something to watch but don’t expect much from.

  • On Netflix
  • 1 hour and 36 minutes
  • Sci-fi, Drama, Romance