Insomnia Cookies: A sweet tooth treat

Strawberry ice cream and Wich from Insomnia Cookies.

By Stephania Flores ’20

Insomnia Cookies has sweet desserts, helpful service, and a sanitary place.Insomnia Cookies is a cookie and ice cream shop with high prices, but the cookies are fresh and warm.

As I said before, Insomnia Cookies is an ice cream and cookie shop. They have a variety of cookies, such as Double Chocolate Mint Cookie, White Chocolate Macadamia Cookie, Peanut Butter Chip Cookie, and many other sweet treats even Deluxe Cookies. They also sell Wiches, which is an ice cream sandwich with your two choices of cookies, and  one choice of your favorite ice cream.

I chose the White Chocolate Macadamia and Chocolate Chunk Cookies with cookies and cream ice cream. I was surprised that the cookies were warm and not cold or dry. When I entered the place, I saw that they were still making cookies around 7 p.m., which was surprising because most bakeries stop around noon. The warmth of the cookies and the coldness of the ice cream made the Wich delicious and makes you want another piece.

I only have been to that place once before, so I was confused and did not know what to order. I went with my cousin, it was her first time there, so both of us were confused until an employee helped us by telling us what they sold and the times they were open. He said that they deliver until 3 a.m. and sell cookies in patches or singular, ice cream, ice cream sandwiches, or beverages. He was patient and understanding that we were new to Insomnia Cookies. He treated us with respect and helped us understand their store more. The one I went to is located in Milwaukee Ave., which is near Wicker Park.

The place was sparkling clean. When you enter the place, you smell fresh cookies, which are delicious and tasty.  They had a menu on the wall and in the counter on top of the ice cream. They have tables and chairs where you can enjoy your ice cream or cookies. The place wasn’t dirty, rather it was clean which I suspected because who wants to enter a dirty place.

In the beginning I mentioned that the prices were at a high price, which might be a problem for some people. For example, the Ice cream sandwiches were around $6.35, which was the cheapest sandwich that I saw. In other places that sell ice cream, sandwiches they are around $4, which is a difference for some people. Although, the prices are high, the cookies are always fresh and warm.

  • 1537 N. Milwaukee Ave.
  • Phone: 773-906-4880
  • Retail Hours: Monday- Friday 9 a.m. to 3 a.m.
  • Saturday-Sunday 11a.m.- 3a.m.
  • Delivery Hours: Monday- Friday 10a.m. to 3a.m.
  • Saturday-Sunday 12a.m.- 3a.m.