“Innsaei: The power of Intuition”: Going beyond than what you think

Picture of Innsaei on Netflix. Photo Credit: Nadia Roa

Nadia Roa ’19

Innsaei is an ancient word from Icelandic, in english this word means intuition. But many use the word as something else something beyond “vision, feelings, and imagination beyond words.”

In the first ten minutes of the film it starts with Hund’s story of how she was able to find herself again.  Although the time is short, Hrund was able to give an example of how she felt like opportunities to find herself kept opening up, but she kept pushing them aside. The documentary also showcase drawing but like interactive drawings for the viewer. For example, you would hear a person talking and you would see a drawing portraying what is being said.

The people that are chosen to be interviewed are important. One of the people she interviews says and advise, “We have to inten to the words in two ways: we need to be able to relate to the world at large, at the same time manipulating it”. Being able to look at the world in a narrow and broad way will help one be able to cope with it. He goes on in saying how this is true with the left and right hemisphere. He goes on to say how one side gets larger while the other one gets smaller. The best way to view the world is through two ways and only then will you find your true self.

The film is interesting in some aspects. One is able to receive a personal story while getting other perspectives on what and how intuition affects our daily decisions. There are somethings that make you think and question if your way of thinking is the correct way. So if you like a film that challenges your thinking than this film is for you.

Overall, the film’s way of granting the overall message was great. The film tells what is happening and gives solution as to how to find your true self.   Give this short documentary a try and see how it changes your way of thinking.

  • On Netflix
  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • IMDb rates: 6.7/10
  • Director: Kristín Ólafsdóttir, Hrund Gunnsteins