Incoming freshman acceptances

This is a screenshot of Litzaira's acceptance for Pritzker from her phone. Photo Credit: Citlaly Leyva

By Citlaly Leyva ‘21

Recently, incoming freshman received their acceptances on March 29 into multiple high schools, one being Pritzker. Acceptances are big decisions for their future in which correlate with new experiences, getting to know Pritzker and studying at Pritzker.

Incoming freshman applied through a website called, GoCPS. This is a “platform that allows families to apply to nearly every CPS school and program using one site, one application, and one deadline,” claims the GoCps website. Students had to make an account in the GoCps website, and then they had to select the schools the students wanted to apply to within Oct. 1, 2018, and Dec. 14, 2018. The acceptances from Pritzker were a click away.  

Incoming freshman Litzaira Paz from Rowe middle school said, “I chose Pritzker because I believe it was going to give me more opportunities than the other schools, and it is highly disciplined.” Pritzker is known for having high expectations from the students, challenging students to the best of their ability as well as being independent. Paz continued, “Pritzker seems to prepare students for the future [such as] college and [to] be prepared for careers.”

 Incoming freshman Angel Delgado from Carlos Fuentes middle school said, “I chose Pritzker because I had two older brothers that graduated from Pritzker and they had a great experience.” Delgado continued, “My expectations for the teachers [are] to teach me and to be more strict with the students, and the expectation from the students is to be respectful and follow the rules.”

Paz explained how she is going to be a new person in a “new environment,” and she is nervous but ready to take on the challenge. They will get challenged by the teachers, and they will need to adjust to the new environment of the school.

Students will take the placement test at Pritzker on May 11. They will receive their summer homework the same day they attend the placement test. Paz is very excited but also very nervous about the test because she wants “to be in all honors classes, and the test determines if [students] get into honors classes.” But on the other hand, Delgado said, “I don’t mind taking it… I hope it is  not too difficult but I’m overall confident to take it.” Paz also said, “I think the uniforms are overpriced and she thinks it’s unfair that the gym shorts are more expensive than the school shirt.”

Incoming freshman will have difficulties at first entering as a freshman but they will get used to it as they get more involved in Pritzker. Paz said, “I hope the students in the school welcome me and help me out if I have questions.”